Monday, June 28, 2010

In the Garden

Plant a Memory today!
Every year since I can ever remember, my parents plant a large garden according to the season. I always remembered peanut and pea picking season--we would pick off peanuts in a big gathering--we would sing, tell stories, and just laugh. Then we would head inside to shell the peas we had picked earlier that day. I always had a GREEN thumb!
The tradition has remained--every summer I travel down numerous times and help my parents with the pea patch. This year was no different. Every year, my boys have their picture taken in the garden--last year they were sitting on a huge bunch of watermelons that they helped my father to plant--the year before in my mother's HUGE wildflower garden.
This is their scrapbook page for this summer--I finished last night. I had a ball designing the caterpillar and snail. Jonas is my little snail--for he is short and stout, and Jasper is my long thin caterpillar! My kids love when I make the pages about them--and I always have a story to accompany all the paper piecings. Every page tells a story. It's not unusual for my kids to look a new page I made and say where am I? Am I the green elephant, or whatever character is on the page!
Anyone else have any garden projects to share? If so, please leave us a comment with the link so we can all check out your wonderful projects. Leave us a comment anyway--and I'll send "someone" this free file set I designed called Garden Bugs. It's a cutting file set, but if you do not have a cutter, I'll send it in pdf so you can hand-cut.
Enjoy the greatest harvest of all--your loved ones this summer! See you tomorrow with more fun!

All the best--from my hands to yours,
K Andrew