Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simply Prim: Altered Inked Primitive

Here is the layout I made last night using a super cool technique called Weathering--which I've used for about 6 years--as I started out a mixed media artist. I'm going to show you how to make these tags (several different techniques) tomorrow--so tune in for a video tutorial on that. I'll have the hot press going--literally!
Here is my finished layout. I have two young boys and since my first son was born 10 years ago, I've always loved Simple Man by Lynard Skynard. This song speaks volumse to me. I'm sure you've heard a song that speaks to you. Music feeds the soul.The wish the mother in the song possesses, echos my own desire for my two dear sons.
On the layout, I used my cricut to cut the saltbox house, title, crows and stars using Simply Prim. Then I created the tags using dry encausting with ink--and then I used a gel pen while the tags where still slightly damp--to copy the words from the song. I used small coin envelopes with each boys' name--in each envelope I wrote them a letter about our journey. I also used teadyed lace--I'll tell you how to do that easily too--using a water bath using the same inks. The top pieces are antique prescriptions--all young men--by the name and dates. The bottom of the coin envelopes are also antique prescriptions--using old ephemera is okay on your layouts--simply spray them with an acid stabilizer spray found at any scrapbook store--OR--just make sure they do not touch your photos. I have photos and clippings from 90 years ago that are still nice from my family--although I'm taking care to copy them--as who knows how much longer they will last.
Leave me a comment--and tell me any song that might have meaning to you. I'll choose 2 followers who commented and send them Simply Prim in chosen format.
Enjoy the men in your life today --be they big, small, or furry!

All the best--from my hands to yours,