Friday, June 25, 2010

Sulyn Glitter Glue: Amazing bling that every girl needs---Who wants a bottle??

SULYN SWIRL GLITTER GLUE: Posh Folly in a Bottle!

UPDATE: BLOG CANDY!!! I have just purchased 4 bottles at a Scrap in Time for YOU my blog readers--so I will be giving AWAY FREE 4 bottles on JULY 5'th--so get your comments posted by July 4'th midnight!! One Sydney's best, 2 Peppermint Twist, and One Twinkling Star.
LOOKING TO BUY THIS? Please contact A Scrap In time and they will order this for you and ship it to you. Just clikc on A Scrap In Time below.
I was perusing the local scrapbook store, lss, in my childhood hometown of Crestivew, FL. My town is quite small and very buried in the deep south--very endearing. There is but ONE scrapbook or craft store in the entire town, named A Scrap in Time. It is in an old house and filled to the brim with beautiful and unique scrapbooking follies and desires. It's quite deceptive from the road. Not only is the house full of posh follies and goodies, but also has a lovely woman who tends to the store. She was very nice when I asked about a sample of how the glitter was used. She also seemed very chatty with other customers who sidled in with new projects and news. She was not only friendly, but productive. She was sitting at a large table in the middle of the house, making scrapbook pages! If you are anywhere near the pandhandle, please check them out and visit their quaint adorable store.
I noticed on one of the French wire shelves they had some glitter glue--but it was swirled! No it was not stickles, gasp! It was by a company named Sulyn. I thought this can not possibly be worth a thing--it's not stickles, it's swirled, how can it be possible? So I asked the clerk, and she said here--try it! Amazing customer service! So I promptly scribbled a design and fell in love. I immediately purchased a bottle and took it home at a mere 3.00 a pop for a VERY large bottle (I'm too acquainted with these tiny stickle bottles).
I purchased the Copper Penny Swirl-and used it on a beautiful Autumn Flourish diecut--it has acorns and brown flourishes--very elegant, but of course what diecut doesn't deserve some bling? It applied pretty smoothly, not as fine as stickles, but the wow factor hit the paper! This glue is not two seperate colors--no mam! It's like they took beautiful german glass glitter and put it in a bottle! A custom mix of glitters! Absolutely gorgeous! I promptly ran back to that store (its only 10 mins away--who couldn't use a run?)....and grabbed every color they had. I ended up with: Sydney's Best (green and blues), Pink party (pinks of course), Peppermint Twist (silver and red), Formal Tuxedo (black and silver), and of course Penny Copper was still in my hands. (No they didn't make me pay for it again--they must be accustomed to Lunatic Scrapbookers) Here is my nutty example *ha!*

I'm so in LOVE with this glue that I'd love to give you one of my bottles (*sniff*sniff**). So please leave a comment, and I'll pick someone to send a lovely bottle too). The only catch??? You have to use it and then send me a note about it via email, and perhaps a pic of a project if you get really excited. If you do, I'll feature you and your lovely review, comment, or project!
**If ANYONE has made anything using this swirl glue--will you leave me a comment and a link to your project? I would love to see it!
JUST IN: A Scrap in Time will order any of the Sulyn glue you like and ship it to you! We are all finding this stuff is harder to find than what we realized! Is that customer service or what? So if you can't find near you, give them a call or click on their site--
All the best wishes-From my hands to yours,
K Andrew