Friday, July 23, 2010

Announcement: CHA

Hi everyone! Quick WOW post tonight! I just found out that two companies have chosen content and samples of my projects to be featured at their CHA booth! I simply opened up my email, and voila! I've never been to CHA or will I be able to attend this year. This year Summer CHA is in IL, and I'll be busy here in FL readying my two sweet boys for school!
So if you happen to have the awesome luxury of going to CHA, stop by and see some of my samples/blog content at these booths: CRI-Kit and Sulyn Industries!
You never know, maybe some of your projects will be at a CHA booth too! Wouldn't that be exciting to stumble upon one of your projects or samples from your blog! I didn't even apply or know that being shown at CHA was even a possiblity! If any of you attend, take a pic and send it to me!
Much love to each one of you-my artsy companions!

All the best-from my hands to yours,