Monday, July 26, 2010

Tutorial: Paper Piecing--the Details

Hi ya'll! I'm back with another video tutorial--I have a cold so I'm a bit off! With this tutorial, I'll show you what a traditional paper piecing looks like, how to get the layers without crazy tiny pieces, and how to add detail to your piecings when you don't want to cut and glue small pieces on.
Scroll down below the video--to see how to draw using Inkscape and how to make the lines you have drawn neat and cut nicely.

If you want a nice paper piecing, either purchase one from a professional designer or draw one yourself using your bezier tool. This will enable you to have full pieces to layer on top. This ensures a nice piecing, without million of teeny tiny weird pieces that you must fit togehter like a jigsaw puzzle.

This is your edit path tool--this allows
you to bend and stretch the paths (nodes) you have just drawn, to make
it smooth and nice. You want to make
sure that your paths are smooth and few so that your paper piecing cuts
like butter--like a real diecut--no jagged lines!

Once you play with these features,
you will have nicely drawn paper piecings that layer one on top of each

Make sure you draw each piece
seperately, and make them the coordinating colors.

In SCAL2, I open my flamingo file
and hide all other color layers, but
leave only the hot pink wing sections
that I want to doodle on with my magenta pink glitter gel pen (cri-kit gel pen) using my pen holder in my cricut. Once I have doodled this section, then I will put in my black gel pen and draw
the eye for the flamingo on the pink

Now I leave my pink cardstock paper
in my cricut that I just doodle on, but now I switch out the pen holder for my
blade housing--and then only select this pink layer that I want to cut. Press cut and voila! It has cut the flamingo out with your hot pink feather doodles
and black eye doodles.

Now all you do is take your gelpens in the same color you used, and color in the outlines to leave the eye and wing ruffles a solid gorgeous metallic glitter pink. This magenta glitter cri-kit gel pen I used reminds me very much of the Copic Spica glitter pens!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and I'll be back with a new one soon! If you like the flamingo file and you want to grab it from me, just click here. Remember if you do grab it, don't forget to get the free sandcastle file too! I've already done all the color layers in SCAL2 for you--so it will be very easy to doodle and cut. I do suggest cutting the flamingo at 5"--because he is so skinny--he will stillwork great on a card--but especially great on a scrapbook layout!
Leave me a comment and I'll choose a follower to receive this file free!

All the best-from my hands to yours,