Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quick Post: Cute Avatar

Look what one of my blog followers and friends sent to me! My own custom avatar--she watched one of my videos and drew this for me! hahah! It's so great! I love it! I asked her did she sell these--she said yes! She makes custom drawings based on her customer's request! I love how mine has scissors and pen since I love to draw and paper piece--and I'm sitting on books--being the teacher I am!
The girl who drew this is super talented--her name is CJ and she owns Cow-Girl Up. Here is the link to her blog and website if you are interested in having a custom avatar made for your blog---her prices are insanely reasonable.
Thanks CJ for being such a sweetie and sending me an avatar--I love it!

All the best--from my hands to yours,
K Andrew