Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tutorial: Chalking & Shading Paper Piecings

Hello everyone--here is a sweet hoot owl mommy & wee one that I created. This is the free file with purchase called Hoot--I made two of them--a mommy and little one--and placed them on one of my Sulyn Glitter Swirls. If you know me at all, you know I LOVE love love love owls--I always have. In fact my entire craft room is decorated with owls! I'll post a pic of my room just so you can see! I have an owl lamp, owl containers, owl figurines, owl wall vinyls, it goes on and on! My grandmother loved owls, so maybe that's where my love of owls is from.
I've made a tutorial showing how I shaded these owls--using chalks & chalk inks--if you are interested in how to shade your own paper piecings. Hint, white chalk looks great on very dark paper!
Leave me a comment and I'll pick a Follower who comments to receive the Hoot file.....OR if you don't have a cutter, I'll cut you the pieces and mail them to you OR send you a finished Hoot!
Please remember--to leave a comment, you have to be a follower (keeping those weeds out--those spammers!)

All the best--from my hands to yours,
K Andrew