Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tutorial: Creating a Shaped Book using SCAL

Sandcastle Shaped Book

QUICK NOTE: I've had a couple of people to ask me to explain how I draw in Inkscape--the answer--VERY tediously! there is no magic way--it takes me anywhere from 6-8 hours to draw an original design if using Inkscape by using the bezier tool and then using the edit path button. It would literally take me hours to show you a file from start to finish. So my next tutorial will
be screenshots to show you how to draw in Inkscape!
Hi ya'll! I have a quick tutorial for you today showing you how to take a file you've created in SCAL and make it into a shaped book! I used my Sandcastle file here--I did add a ribbon tie--but wasn't needed-it's just for decoration! The book folds out from both sides like a gate!
Scroll down for some important screenshots from SCAL--giving you the steps to make the base/pages for your shaped book.
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I opened my file and selected ONLY the yellow layer--as the yellow layer has the pieces I need to use to create my base and pages.

I then deleted all but the two pieces I needed--and then I did Object--break apart--to remove all the windows

I then copied and pasted the left side of the castle--and then used my shape library to create a retangle in the middle-I measured these carefully.

I then "welded" these pieces together--using Path--union--now I have the base for my book! To make the pages, simply make the base about 4-6 times and then cut in half!

All the best-from my hands to yours,