Monday, July 12, 2010

Tutorial: Glass Leaf Butterflies, giveaway/prizes

Hi yall! Here is a quick video tutorial that shows you how to make ANOTHER butterfly embellishment! This time using your cricut to cut a sillouhette, UTEE *ultra thick embossing enamel*, Skeleton Leaves, and some bling! You know I wouldn't forget the bling--goodness, Lord no!
Glassy Leaf Butterfly-Dry
Here are two pics of the different butterflies I created using this method. The first one I used just regular glitter with no additives.

Glassy Leaf Inked
The second blue one, I added alcohol inks to the utee then added vintage leaf glitter. Totally different looks!
Below is the video tutorial that shows you how to make a basic glassy buttterfly in part one--and part two shows you how to finish the butterfly.

Part Two: Finishing your Glassy Leaf Butterfly

If you enjoy, Please please please leave me a comment and become a follower! I'll also choose one or two followers to receive a GLASSY or GLITTERED butterfly--I'll ship it to you and everything! I'll choose another Follower to receive a small zip full of UTEE and a couple of skeleton leaves so you can try this at home! That's 4 chances to win! I'll announce it July 16'th for 4 followers!

All the best-from my hands to yours,
K Andrew (Kristal Andrew)