Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tutorial: How to DRAW your own file in Inkscape

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Hi everyone! I just finished a new file called The Queen of Hearts--that I've been working on a few days. From start to finish I probably average about 6-10+ hours on my files. I know it seems like alot of time, and I just want to be honest to tell you--I don't want anyone to think it's magic. I don't think any process is--it just takes a bit of time to learn, and time to do anything.
I do not autotrace, but draw each one of my designs from start to finish. Here is the process. It's too long to show on video, so I must screenshot it.

I want to show you what an autotrace of my drawing would like look after breaking apart the TONS of pieces. This is why I never autotrace my drawings. Way too many weird little pieces.

Here is what my actual INKSCAPE drawn queen looks like if I made her a digital image, like a coloring page, and then auto-traced. Which would really be sad if you were the one who took all that time to draw with a pen tool! You can still see though even though it's a bit better--it still has weird shapes--and pieces are "bit" out. lik the sleeve is broken into 4 pieces--4 weird pieces--whereas when you draw it is ONE piece. The hat is broken into 5 or 6 pieces, when it should only be 2at the most--and one half of the brim is soo thin it wouldn't cut nicely. The face is completed horrid--it's on the way right and looks like two spots are in the middle of it! The dress is also chopped into several pieces with aheart out of the middle--whereas when you draw the dress with your bezier tool it is ONE complete piece.

Tip--for a paper piecing--each piece must be SEPERATE--the hands, the boots, the hat (the inside of the hat, the outside base and the brim (each piece that you want a different color), the train of the dress, the sash, the bodice, the trim, the heart appliques, the head, the hair, etc. I know I may be over-explaining paper-piecing, but there may be some very new ones to paper piecing.

1'st-I draw a quick sketch of the character I choose to create ( you may not need to do this--you may have it in your mind--but when working with pieces, I like to mentally break it down and then put it on paper--as I can get distracted.... (Lord knows how with 2 boys, a dog, a cat, and my scatter-brained mind! I naturally love to draw! Now--as you can see, your quick sketch will be different than your end cutting file--as your pieces in a cutting file need to be larger and less detailed

3'rd-I began drawing in my program, Inkscape. I use my Bezier tool to draw with. If you use another program, it should also have a "pen" or bezier tool.

4'th-After each piece of drawing, I use my edit paths tool to make each part just the right shape and with as little nodes as possible. This make take several hours for the entire file. However, the less nodes--the smoother your piece will cut.

TIP-why is it important to draw each piece? Because you want each piece to layer under or on top. If you have her face--it is a whole piece with neck. This allows me to layer her dress and collar on her neck and her hair on her face. If I didn't draw each whole piece--it would be hard to piece it together nicely.

5'th-I then weld any pieces together that need to be joined by doing PATH--UNION on the pieces I want joined.

6'th-I then begin the entire process for EACH part of the piecing

I hope this helps everyone. It took me about a year to get really comfortable with drawing in my program, but it yields a super high quality compared to auto tracing, and it's original.

I've been creating files for 3 years now professionally. I hope this tut helps you and inspires you to draw your own files.

All the best-from my hands to yours,