Saturday, July 24, 2010

Winners~!! for Sandcastle Find, Glitter Glue

I just have to share what one of my blog readers and friends sent me last night! She tried making the scrapbooking sand, and it turned out just GORGEOUS! It looks like beautiful white beach sand--and she used it on a Flamingo card--I love flamingos! I'm going to have to send her a bottle of Sparkle 21 for being such a sweetheart and sharing her card with us! I love to see completed projects!

Teela's Scrapbook Sand Card
Please click over to her blog and check out her project. She has a lovely blog that has inspirational reviews and thoughts. If you are a woman of God, you will love her blog aptly named Teela's Time Time!

Winner(s) for Sandcastle file (yes I had to choose more than one): #13 Betty Anne and #15 Dawn
Please let me know your email so I can email you the Sandcastle file!

Winner for Swirl Glitter Glue: #5 mommahobbit
Please email me at and let me know your mailing address so I can put your glitter in the mail!

congrats to everyone!
TOMORROW is the drawing for the FREE George CART!!!

PS just found out about this site called Giveaway
so you might want to check it out!