Monday, July 5, 2010

WINNERS~!!! for Sulyn Glitter Glue, Garden & Simply Prim: You had to be a FOLLOWER to win, ya'll!

Hello all--Ms. Grits is back from her vacation to Savannah, GA! Here are the winners for my goodies so far--ya'll know I'm always finding something else to give away--so stay tuned. Don't forget you must be a FOLLOWER to win! The chose 4 people and they were not followers--that's so sad ya'll!
I have another tutorial coming up on Shading/Inking and a review on Secret Keepers (no I'm not talking about your husband or dog).
VERY VERY important--if you are a winner for the Sulyn Glitter Glue, please email me your mailing address, and I will put these in the mail to you first class.
If you are a winner for the other cut files--email me the email address you want your file sent to you and the format you need (svg, scut, ai, eps, knk, wpc, gsd, pdf for handcutting)
Winners for Sulyn Glitter Glue:
#2-Patti J

Winner for Garden Bugs:
#2-Kelly S

Winner for Simply Prim:
#1-Kelly S (LUCKY blessed girl!)
#3-cgl1539 aka Christi

Here is your Winner's Badge to post on your blog (if you just want to--you can link it back here--so maybe someone else can come win--since I know you want to share the chance to win with your friends, ya'll)