Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Let Go of the Ghosts-Personal Rambling

I thought I would post an ATC I did a couple of years ago. I actually drew this tree using solvent inks, and then alcohol inks for the backgrounds. I am often asked, how do you even think of things like that? Where does your inspiration come from? The truth? I really don't know--it just "comes" to me. It's almost like when you know you are hungry--and what you want to eat. I know I must create, and it just happens and flows on the paper. I don't have to think it out or make a plan.
I've come to the realization that being eccentric is okay. So today I'm letting go of the "old ghosts", the ones who worry me and say... "you are so different than other people" "Your son is so different--so eccentric. My son has Aspergers. Last night was the Orientation at school, and nothing makes you cringe and feel judged as when you are always "called out" on your child. My child or I will never be the popular "it" people. We care more about helping others, than trying to be something we are not. I'm tired of trying to conform him to a mold he will never fit well in. My son will be friends with anyone, he doesn't even notice clothing or name brands, and he doesn't make fun of others. However, it appears that is what it takes to be popular. Popular by whose standards. What is normal?
 Today, I'm okay with that. Yes I'm eccentric, but I am also passionate, artistic, caring, and a HUGE humanitarian who would give my last dollar or shirt off my back to one that needed it. I use my life for His purpose--and I'm okay with being different. I'm also okay with my son being different. We need more Einsteins & Van Goghs--who are passionate and not quite worried about fitting in and being "normal".
As Temple Grandin says, I'm different---not less.

All the best,