Monday, August 16, 2010

Mixed Media Monday: Part One

Gypsy Circle

Okay as some of you know, I started out as a Mixed Media artist.. I taught at little stamp and scrapbook stores around the Seattle area. I was published in Somerset Studio. I still make collage canvases and decorations for my home..which is completely decorated in an old world French style.
However once starting scrapbooking, paper piecing became the mainly dominate craft I was blogging about. Yet I'm still quite active personally doing mixed media--it's just mostly for my home or classes I teach.
I thought I would do a Mixed Media monday and share some of my personal artwork I do for myself and my home, and sometimes classes I teach. My nickname was Gypsy and many called me the Scrappin' Gypsy. I had my own company that I sold via online called Eye Candy Originals, and mostly sold rare and hard to find supplies for mixed media. I also had an in-home studio in which I taught many weekend retreats.
The first project I'm going to show you each Monday is a project from the "Gypsy Wagon's Past", and most of my artwork if not all sold online or at art shows. The first one I'm going to show you today is called
Gypsy Circle. Personally, I'm a true gypsy at heart!

Let me know what you think about my Gypsy Circle book--the inside pages are as decorated as the outside ones, but out of courtesy to the indvidual who purchased my book, I'm only giving you a peek!

Come back this  afternoon for Part Two of Mixed Media monday, where I'll be "mixing up some media" for a great tutorial and project!

All the best,