Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tutorial: Quick Project: School Days Journaling Spot

 Quick Update: Here's my finished page for the Challenge!

HI everyone! This week I'm hosting the Sketch Challenge at Visual Designs by Chris--so I wanted to do a quick tutorial of the FREE cut-file that I created for this challenge! If you want to grab this file for FREE--head on over to VDBC at the forum, register, and then PM me at the forum (send me a private message--or you can just reply to the challenge thread ) with your email address and desired format (svg, scal, knk, wpc, ai, eps, gsd). Then all you have to do is create something cute using the file and sketch from Becky Fleck's Page Map that is posted for you! If you do, I'll have a GIFT for you at the end of the challenge!
Here's a quick peek at the file, and the page map for the challenge! The VIDEO is at the bottom of the post!


School File: (Purchase)
You may see all my files here at my store: K Andrew Designs
Don't forget to leave me a comment, it brightens my day right to the core! **I'll choose one follower who comments to receive a finished journaling spot for FREE!** Don't forget each comment counts toward the FREE cricut basketball cart!

NOTE: the doodling in the video appears backwards because my webcam is built into my laptop--but in real life it is not!!

***The REST of the Story*** My son was telling us about the Cone of Shame. I could not figure out what exactly he was speaking about--till it hit me! The dunce cap! He said oh I hope I don't have to wear the Cone of Shame in school. Then I remembered he had finished reading Matilda by Roald Dahl, and in the book the headmaster is horribly cruel to the children. LOL. I explained I'm sure he would not have to wear the "cone of shame"--that he was brilliant, and as long as he remembered to be kind to his teacher and classmates, work quietly, stay on task--he should have no problem. He said, well mama, there is a chance that I might have to wear it, but I'm sure going to try hard not to have to wear it!*****

All the best-from my hands to yours,