Sunday, September 5, 2010

Embossing & Cutting with Your Cricut

Happy Halloween Jack from Spooky Sentiments cut file
Hi guys! I'm so excited because I want to share with you how to emboss and then directly cut with your Cricut using SCAL. I've used the Jack O Lantern part from the Spooky Sentiments file set. I'm using GOLD foil from Cri-Kits, the embossing double sided mat from Cri-Kits, and the Embossing Tip and Pen Holder from Cri-Kits. I've used my SCAL program which you know I think is PRICELESS! If you want to cut with your cricut, you will  need this program--the link to it is on the left side of my blog (if you grab it from me, let me know and I'll send you a GIFT).
I do plan on making another tutorial showing how to emboss and cut using a cartridge--look for that in the next day or two!
I put my foil face down, with the fine tip. I hope you enjoy and if you are interested in the Spooky Sentiments file, it is available RIGHT HERE. See all my files by clicking RIGHT HERE . Don't forget if you grab this to grab your FREE file of Happy OwlaWeen !
 I chose not to sand this design, because I think it looks great solid gold! It reminds me of the GOLD German dresden foils from long ago!
Please leave me a comment, and I'll send ONE follower this file FREE or another one if you already have this one!

Ingredients for this Embellishment
Spooky Sentiments cut file in all formats by KAndrew Designs
Cricut embossing kit and Gold foil from Cri-Kits