Monday, September 20, 2010

Pink Blog Party Prize Winners!!!

Crop out Cancer was a HUGE success!!!! I just can't tell you how much I enjoyed meeting some of these women--and some survivors of cancer! Just amazing! THANK you to all of you who cheered me on last week, prayed for cancer battlers, and contributed. You ROCK!
Here are the daily Pink Blog Winners:

Pink Fastenator Stapler & Staples: #17 Oma G
Pink Pins--#14 Trisha
Dresdens & Glitters--#6 Bobbi
Dollies & Flip Flops=--#15 Wendy Raffin


You have ONE week to email me and give me
your mailing address, and make sure to say, your name and your prize (cause I print these out to pack).
I will mail these out the 5'th of the month (can't have hubby wondering if I'm taking stock in the US Post Office--bwwwwahhhhh

Congrats everyone!!!