Friday, September 3, 2010

Tutorial: Embossing With Your Cricut--giveaway


Hi all my creative friends and blog readers! I have finaly posted a tutorial on this lovely luscious metal oh and the embossing kit too! heehee! This is AMAZING but please be fore-warned--it's very very addicting. You will literally want to emboss everything you can get  your hands on, over and over!
I've just posted a quick tutorial that shows you HOW to emboss, and basically what it does. You can use the EMBOSSED side as I show in the larger, lighter witch, or the DEBOSSED side--which is shown in the darker smaller witch!
I used my October 31'st cartridge from Memory Miser to do this (shocking I know right--get used to seeing that one girls@!)
Enjoy! Leave me a comment and I'll send one follower a free sheet of METAL to emboss with OR a few finished metal embellishments from the October 31'st or Happy Hauntings carts! I'll probalby choose 2 followers--you know me!

October 31'st Cartridge from Memory Miser
Purple Metal from Cri-Kits
Embossing Tip & Mat from Cri-Kits
Sanding File & Paper Stumps from local stamp store

All the best,