Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm Published in Scrapbook News & Reviews Magazine!

Hi everyone! I've never submitted my projects to any publication except back in 2005 when my friend Heather begged me to submit to Somerset Studio for their Paris issue. She was submitting and felt that if we did it together, we might actually go thru with it. I sent one small ATC in from Paris, and voila, they published me! I was thrilled--and still have the magazine on my bookshelf....although I admit, I had forgotten about it till recently.
I was published in Altered Words--but this was by chance--the editor saw one of my Altered Books I had made from a license plate and rivets (I love to work with metals in my altered books) back in 2005!
Then another friend asked me to submit to SNR--and since I won a subscription to them earlier this year, I thought okay-why not? I submitted one card, and three layouts. I received a letter saying they were going to publish my card--so I was like wow--cool! Then I received emails my scrapbook layouts were being published! Can you believe it? My second time ever submitting to any publication, and all my projects were being published! This just goes to show you my dear creative friends and readers--if I can do it, YOU most certainly can do it!
My first layout is called Underwear Hero and is published under In Style: Boyish Charms--it of course is a layout I did for my two dear boys--I read to them each night, and Captain Underpants was, of course, a shoe-in for favorite book character!
My second layout is called Live Simply and is published under In Style: Clean and Simple--it is of course another page for my dear boys--based on my favorite song Simple Man by Lynard Skynard--and it is my deepest desires for them--in each small envelope on the bottom are my desires for them--written in note form to each of them. The distressed tag booklet at the top has the song lyrics--I have a video showing how to do each of the distress techniques on this layout.
My last layout is called My Journey and is published under In Style: Pretty Chic & Vintage and is the first page of a book I'm doing for my boys about me--as a person.
The card I had published is called Happy Halloween and is published under Cards: Paragraphs--and features one of the doodle and cut freebie files I gave out featuring a black cat on pumpkin with Cri-Kit gel pens on the sentiment.

Will I submit again? I have no idea---it hasnt crossed my mind again...yet! I thank the dear Lord that he sends others to encourage us, even when we don't know we may be in store for a blessing!

All the Cricky best,