Tuesday, November 23, 2010


WOW! I feel so blessed and honored that four of these awesome cricky girls have gifted me with this Stylish Award!

ON to the BLOG awards I've received--thank you my friends--honestly that any of you think of me as friend, and to give me a blog award--well WOW! I just say WOW dear friends! I so wish we could all get together! Who's going to CHA? I'm going and want to see each of you! If you go, let's do dinner and some shopping, of course! DUH! hahahah!

 To accept these awards I have to do the following:
1). Thank and link back to the person who awarded me
2). Share 8 things about myself

3). Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered

4). Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards

The Stylish Blog Award--thank you Tanya!!!
. Tanya of The Crooked Cutter has blessed me with this award. Man her blog is so DANG cute and Im rocking out right now to her music--I'm stalking her blog becuase of her playlist--bwwwhahahahah! Go check her out--it's a must!

The Stylish Blog Award--thank you Oma!!
Oma of Oma's Crafts has also blessed me with this award. Oma is a fellow girl
                                             who loves her SCAL too! She has some great design work over there for RS
                                             Mobley Designs as well. Definitly check her out!

    The Stylish Blog Award--thank you Jamie!!
                                             Jamie of JME Creations is one BUSY CRICKY! She is always always
                                             making lots of cricut creations--she always has some cute project on her blog.
                                             You will SO want to check her Cute Cricky site out!

 The Stylish Blog Award--thank you Jean!!
                                             Jean of Jean's Crafty Corner is another very Busy Cricky! She has been
                                             making the CUTEST cupcake picks and OMG I dont' want to ruin the
                                             surprise--but oh weeeeee--she's got up something you have to see--it's so
8 Things About Myself:
1. I still believe in doing the right thing no matter what the cost.
2. I'm honest to a fault and admire this quality in others.
3. I'm in love with the Lord Jesus Christ and I believe my Redeemer lives. I speak to him each day.
4. I don't believe in judging others, I believe in meeting others where they are.
5. My children mean the WORLD to me--I worry constantly about raising them to be men who can suceed and survive in this world.
6. The only thing I hate? MEAN people--period.
7. My greatest gift? Another day in this world to make a difference to someone, no matter how small.
8. My favorite hobby? Papercrafting in any form!
9. My weakness? Being socially adept...it's not my thing. I'm not good at it.
10. My favorite quote: "Life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% in how you react to it"--Charles Swindoll. My life has been full of trials, so many that if you knew, you would be shocked. I am not a victim, I'm a SURVIVOR!

Pass this onto 8 Bloggers--I so wish I could give this to everyone but then the Blog Badge Police might get me. I get into enough trouble myself on this net without any help! lol

1. Teela of Coffee24Tea--This lady is a minister to my spirit--and I love reading her insprational blog posts. She is truly facing so much adversity with a BIG kickin' it smile! You go TEELA!

2. Deb of Bug Juiced--This girl is just genuinely happy--no matter what! She sees the glass as half--full, never near empty. She is a fantastic source of joy! You go Deb!

3. Janice of Stamping with Janice--this very dear friend of mine has to be one of the most talented people I've ever met in my life--and she is so HUMBLE. She would rather DIE than ever toot her own horn. She is just an amazing uplifting person that I feel so very blessed to have for a friend. Janice you uplifted me in a time in my life that was so low--I will never ever forget that dear friend. You MAKE a difference every day dear girl!

4. Sharon of RSMobley Designs--ever meet someone who was just so down to earth and good? Well then you will have looked in the face of Sharon. Sharon seriously gets up everday ready to conquer any battle that comes her way--and she has a lot! You GO SHARON! You are a rock!

5. Brenda of Creativity is Only a State of Mind--man this girl is just precious--I've never ever heard her say anything unless it's incredibly uplifting and positive. She teaches cricut classes as well--and I'd love to attend one of her classes--because she just seems like such an incredible person that I'd love to meet in person!

6. Tammy of  OBX Stamping and Crafting--Tammy is a busy cricky and mom who finds time to post super cute projects on her blog. She is also very smart and happens to quickly notice things that others may not. She has a special talent for this and incredible DESIGN!

7. Kim of Kim's Card Corner is one of those very loyal girls who never fails to comment on my blog posts. Man that is just such an incredible encouragement to me, and she is in a FULL body brace! Now that is a smile in the midst of a storm! You go girl!

8. Chris of Scrappin' Chris is just the CANDIED NUT in the FRUITBOWL of life--man she is hilarious and cheers me constantly with her witty and sweet emails. Chris you my dear friend--make life interesting! Thank you!

Big Cricky Hugs,