Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Cricut Lite Cartridges! what do you guys think???

Finally Provocraft has posted the NEW Cricut Lite carts that will be available at Walmart for Black Friday. What do you guys think?? I personally like the Jolly Holidays and Four Legged Friends the best. They are all very whimsical except Zooday and Inspired Heart--but I love whimsical, so it suits me. However, I think those are the only two I'll be buying!
Its interesting how the new boxes are just like the Imagine Boxes--I wondered if they might be doing that when I pulled out my first Imagine cartridges from HSN.

*****Disclaimer--I can't be held liable for any Black Friday anxiety, stress, or mania due to my enabling of these cricut cartridges--proceed to Walmart with care*****