Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hello everyone! I hope EVERYONE is having a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving! Why am I blogging? Because my boys are both at my parents house 6 hours away and my hubby is watching football with his brother, and its' count-down time till Midnight at Walmart.
I never go to Black Friday sales--my mother does, my sister does--everyone I know does. I do not. I can't stand the stress and crowds--what a baby, right? lol
Well tonight at 12:01 I'm going to Walmart to see if the Cricut Lite Carts are on sale-if they are, I'm going to get a few! If they are not, I'm coming home to go to bed! lol

LEAVE me a comment and let me know which one you think is going to be the ONE you would get if you are crazy enough like me to go up there and try for it.
I'd love to know your favorite CURRENT cricut lite and your favorite NEW cricut lite!
THEN come back here and let me know if you actually got any of these carts for 20bucks. That's the only way I'm getting one is if it's 20.00!! lol!

Get fat, happy, and then scrappy!

Come back tomorrow because I have my Creative Charms posting with a GREAT giveaway to bribe you into (I mean THANKyou) for leaving me a comment on both of my posts! heheheheh
I've definitly been married too long girls!

Many love and thanks to each ofyou for coming to share a bit of your day and friendship with me. That's why I do this blog--is to connect, inspire, share, and be inspired by each of you--my fellow papercraft artists!

PS I'm going to have a NEW free file coming up this weekend--woot woot woot woot!!!