Monday, December 13, 2010

1100 Follower Blog Candy!! Twinkle Toes Cartridge! UPDATE!!!

Hi everyone! Woot Woot! It's time for some more Blog Candy! We've reached 1100 followers--thank you all so much (I can't believe there are 1100 people even interested in the nonsense that goes on at this blog--hahah). Yet I am thrilled--thank you dear friends!
Once we hit 1200 followers, I'll give Twinkle Toes away. How's that instead of choosing a date? Woot Woot!

What do you have to do: (I knew you would *Each one gets you an entry*

1. Be a Follower of this Blog (sorry that's my one bribe)
2. Post my blinkie or badge on your blog if you have one with a link back here
3. Post a pick of my Blog candy on your blog with a link back here (pic above)
4. Twitter or Facebook it!
5. Tell a friend
6. Leave me a comment telling me what nonsense over here you love the best!'
7. Subscribe to my Youtube Channel--Link is on the right hand side of blog under Subscribe!

Thank you Thank you Thank you dear friends--just knowing you guys are here, makes my days brighter!