Sunday, December 19, 2010

Breaking News: Print & Cut in SCAL now available!!!!!

Hi everyone! I was going to upload my video of my preview of Scrappy Chic, but then I downloaded the newest version of SCAL!!!! It now has print and cut! It is awesome!
I have already recorded a video tutorial for you--it is now processing, then I will upload to youtube! I made a step by step tutorial showing you how to import your graphic, print, it, cut it, etc all in SCAL!!! Wooo Hooo!
Give it a few and it will be up!
I'm also going to give you the Gingerbread baby graphic I created in Photoshop to use with this, and the Scal file, so you can go step by step to create your own file with me!
See you back here as soon as the video uploads!!!