Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fingerprints of God: My Layout for Jasper, Giveaway!!

Fingerprints of God

Hello all my dear friends and readers! I have created a new page for Jasper, my oldest son who just turned eleven. He has Aspergers, and is brilliant, quirky, has a great sense of humor, and is very kind and friendly. He is starting to notice that he doesn't fit in the typical mold, and we've had talks about how I have never fit in the mold either. It's not how we were made,
and we shouldn't want to fit in. To do so, would be a dis-honor to our Maker--who purposely made both Jasper and I!
I had first created a layout for Jasper using these pictures when he was 5years old...I completely re-scrapped this photos this morning, to update my thoughts and feelings for him as a person that God has designed him to be. It also reflects a more mature style, and new journaling combined with my original journaling...a wonderful blending.
The lyrics are Fingerprints of God by Curtis Chapman. I typed them out when Jasper was 5. I found out when I was 3.5 mths preganant, that Jasper had a condition called Pentalogy of Cantrell. I was encouraged to abort, being told he would probably never live to see his first birthday, and went thru a poking/prodding type of pregnancy. I think I had 4 aminios total, and went to a high risk neonatal doctor every week. Jasper was only #83 born with this condition, and only a few had even survived this condition. I heard this song when I was pregnant, and this song settled in my heart.
It was an anthem for my precious son--so different and unusual from the very start. What a beautiful, intelligent, and kind young man he is growing into. I am definitly amazed constantly at all that Jasper does, that he is not supposed to do. He defied all obstacles physically. He was always labeled as VERY smart. It was only till this past year, we found out that he also had Aspergers! He also defies many of the Asperger barriers. God has always, and always be at work in my life and Jaspers.
To those of you who are different, and have kids who are different, remember that--they are only different--unique. God's perfect design--intentionally and purposely made this way.
"Many a Genius has been slow to Growth...Oak Trees take a Thousand Years to Flourish"
This page is for Nana's Challenge at My Paper Tree House--a fantastic new site I have found. I am now working on all of her challenges, starting with this one. Look for new entries tonight, tomorrow, and so on.
Enjoy this wonderful Saturday--may it be a Super one!!

Journaling Reads:
I know what you are going thru jasper
You often feel very different
I  have always felt that way about myself
We are both different. Yes thats true!
The most special thing?
We were created purposely to be
by the ONE who planned this entire world
So if the world notices you are different
then God's plan is only confirmed
Always remember that you are in this world...
but you are not of this world.

Lyrics of Song are HERE

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Ingredients for this layout:

Paisley Paper: Addison Line by K& Company (K-Ology)
Crackled blue: Cloud 9 by Fiskars (The Surf)
Irridescent Blue/Green Organza Ribbon
Mulberry paper flowers
Irridescent pearl bead strand
Blue Satin flowers (Offray)
Pearl flat sided gems (Creative Charms)
White cardstock (Smooth bazill)
Lyrics (Fingerprints of God by Curtis Chapman)
Cri-Kits gel pen in turquoise
Cri-Kits NEW single line cursive font: Peggy (journaling) COMING SOON!!!

Listen to the Song: