Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tutorial: Print and Cut in SCAL 2.03: Sure Cuts a Lot, Giveaway! FREE FILE!

Here is my gingy (although she isn't too happy having printer lines across her--bwwhahahah)

Hi everyone! Here is my video showing you how to print and cut in the latest version of scal, which I upgraded to free from my old 2.00 version.
Here is the link for the new scal to upgrade your old version:
Just click on downloads, and then download 2.03
I am also including the Scal, gingerbread baby I drew in photoshop, the plain gingerbread baby to make your cut/mat, and MTC print and cut file--I this way you can walk thru it step by step if you have SCAL.
However, if you are not into drawing and creating your own graphics, then you can do the same thing with another graphic you have.
The TRICK to having it line up--is you use the BLUE paper guide I've included in the SCAL file--your image will print on the paper, then you take the paper and line it up right against the left hand side--just like the blue paper guide shows. voila!
The only thing I will warn you about is...if you use the traced image for the mat/cut line it might be jagged. If you make your own mat--it will be smooth. Mat your own solid shaped outline/mat in INkscape and bring that into mtc or scal, as I did. Just my 2 cents! heeehee
If you don't have SCAL or MTC, I have links on my sidebar for you to download. If you happen to purchase it from my blog, let me know and I'll send you some free files to play with. You can always grab the FREE version too to try it out until you decide. That's what I did!

3-D House/Box file-Click HERE
****GIVEAWAY: Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I'll give ONE follower my Gingerbread House cut file in any format (ai eps svg scal mtc knk wpc gsd dxf) so your little gingerbread baby will have a home!****

Download Gingybaby file HERE