Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog Hop: Cricky Across the 50! You are INVITED! UPDATED

CLICK on the BLOG HOP BADGE above--save it to your computer. Then upload it as a gadget (picture) on your sidebar.
Update: Grand Prizes so far: 2 Scrap N Totes, 2 Scrap N Easels, 2 Pen Holder Sets from Cri-Kits, 1 Swag Bag from Creative Charms, Swag Bag from Pink by Design

States Signed Up so Far:
(I am open to have more than one person per state--but I'm limiting the blog hop to 60 people (so everyone can get to the blogs--20 per day)--so email me and I'll try to get you in--even if you have to do a state you don't live in (if you are up for am I--lol)
North Carolina
New York (2)
South Dakota
Hello everyone,
I've really only been blogging about 7 mths, so I'm newer to all this "bloggie stuff". However, I see that everyone is having blog hops, loves to hop in them, and it looks like a lot of fun!I've only ever done 2 that I was invited to, which I thank the girls who asked me, because up to that point, I had never even heard of them!
 I'm not sure how people get invited or choose who to invite. Since I really don't know the "ins and outs" (what's new..I tell you I live under a rock)...I'm just going to list it here and take anyone who wants to participate! lol
I have decided to have a HUGE blog hop to celebrate all of our favorite places across the US....since I'll be leaving just days after this hop for my cross country road trip---I though this would be fun! It will be 2 days, the 11-12'th...but we will allow everyone to hop until the 13'th to allow time to get all comments in!
However YOU really only have to do ONE blog post, and then it just lasts thru the weekend to allow everyone to get to all the blog hop stops. Everyone will post on Friday, and then all the hoppers have Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to get those comments in! Then we will draw winners on Monday.
I just know I would LOVE to have all of my loyal blog readers and friends  (and anyone else--heehee)who want to be in my hop to have the option!

Details for Cricky Across the 50! February 11, 12 (Only one Post on 11'th)
1. You will make ONE post (this should be FUN and low-stress) on a GREAT place to visit in the STATE you live in, lived in the past, or were born in/grew up in. Include what you like about the place, where it is at, and fun things to see/do there, maybe even a fun tip/memory or two. THEN you should include a paragraph in your post of ONE place you would love to go in the US (and US territories) and a bit about why.
2. In your post include your all-time favorite project you have done (it can be old or new).
Your post has to stay at the top for THREE days so everyone can find you, and include the link before you and after (please make sure this link works or it will RUIN the entire blog hop, plus you will need to include my blog as I will have the complete list of all entrants--just in case someone has a broken link or someone gets lost--it happens I'm sure)
3. Have a Giveaway just for this hop (Take entries all three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and then announce Monday)

INTERESTED? Send me an email at telling me which state you would love to represent and what your giveaway would be! I'd love to get all 50 and territories, but it totally doesn't matter if we do. This is open to all my blog readers and friends (and everyone else in between), and I will take all that I can. I'm limiting it to 50 entrants, because that will give all the hoppers 3 days to visit all 50 blogs (almost 17 blogs a day). All they need to do is leave a comment and be a follower of your blog (if you choose) but definitly a comment so you can pull a winner.
I will send you a return email as soon as I can, letting you know the details as soon as I get everyone lined up! I will help you--showing you the wording to use, the links, and how to post our Blog Hop badge. If anyone wants to help me with this, just let me know!

Everyone who HOPS to all 50 blogs will be entered into some awesome big giveaways! (oooh lala-I'm so darn excited) and I will have a fantastic cricut cartridge  and package for my own blog giveaway (Cartridge will be:  Pack Your Bags). Please feel free to use any prize you want, even that cartridge I'm giving away too. I just want us to have a blast!

GRAB MY BLOG HOP BADGE at the very top of this page!!! Even if you don't want to be an entrant--pop my badge up on your blog please so we can let everyone know about the blog hop coming up! Leave me a comment letting me know if you did, and I'll enter you into a special RAK for some brand new Zig Markers!