Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kids Killed in Feltonville--No Smoke Detectors

HI girls,

Maybe some of you saw Jill's comment she left on my blog post the other night about her student who was killed in a fire. Apparently, this is not the first student Jill has lost this year due to students not having fire detectors. Anyways, Jill's comment prompted me to email her, and then to find out how much her heart is breaking, broke mine.
Jill and her companion teacher, Mike Downey decided to start a Fire Detector and Battery Drive. Why batteries? They found that if a student did have a smoke detector, it often didn't have batteries.
I just wanted to blog about this and give you guys the link to Jill & Mike's Facebook Page. They are raising fire awareness in their community in Feltonville. They aren't asking for $. They are asking for donations of batteries or smoke detectors.
So if you are so inclined, there is no pressure, go check out their facebook. Join it and show your support for Fire Awareness for Underprivilged Kids. in Feltonville
Have a fantastic Saturday my friends. I'll be back tonight with the Cricky Challenge from Memory Miser.