Sunday, January 30, 2011

Live from CHA! Lawn Fawn Clear Stamps, GIVEAWAYS!!

Hi guys!
I have SO much video to share with you, but I'm doing it a bit at a time, because I'm sitting here in a Subway with limited broadband! lol!
One company I wanted to show you was a brand new polymer stamp company called Lawn Fawn! What caught my eye? The cute stamps--what won me over? The ARTIST--Kelly Marie!
She was upbeat, kind, and just adorable! She greeted EVERYONE who came to her booth!
Anyways I have 2 clear stamp sets to give away (not lawn fawns...and I'll choose two out of the many I have---but still super cute!)

So if you love cute stamps, hop on over to Lawn Fawn HERE and check her out!
Leave me a comment and I'll choose TWO followers for the surprise clear stamp sets soon!
Come back tomorrow--I have another GREAT video for you!

 lawn fawn stamps