Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crafting on the Go: Video of my RV ScrapRoom: Giveaway: Owl Wall Deco for your Creative Space

Chirp Chirp and a Hoo Hoo (that's mixed cricket and owl talk)....heeeheee
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday night! I have been enjoying the past two days at my mama and daddy's house visiting them before my hubby comes down next week. Then we will leave around the first of March for our cross country move to California!
I wanted to show you all my lil scrap room in the back of our RV. You will see many videos of me in this lil room till we find a permanent residence in San Diego. I wanted to share this with you because I believe it doesn't matter what your space is like--it can be big, small, cluttered, in a closet, or a box you pull out when everyone is asleep from under the bed...and put on top of your kitchen table. The important thing, is it the space you create in--even if it's just in your mind. Everyone needs a place to create--it's good for the soul.
This is why I have this blog--to share with you and bless you as I feel blessed. Scrapping is my creative release and it brings me joy to share it with you!
I believe there is no secret in being happy. It's just what you make up your mind to be..however, I have this little sign that hangs in my RV and it says....
"The secret to having it all--is believing that you do". Wonderful thought, isn't it?
I hope you all are living that secret tonight and enjoying your life to the fullest--for we are not promised tomorrow, are we? Love to each of you tonight my dear cricky friends.
My REMINDER is my life that reminds me I have it all is my dear little boys Jasper and Jonas. I was told when I was 3 mths pregnant with Jasper that he would never live past a few weeks. He is now 11, smart as a whip, but still needs heart surgeries-and we found out this summer he has Aspergers. He is a BIG blessing and way more that I could have EVER dreamed or hoped for. He is AWESOME--you will see him in the video too! My little one Jonas was born blind with no vision, but at 11 mths, God healed him too. So do I have it all? Oh yes mams and sirs, I believe that I do!!!
***Giveaway---Okay if you scroll down to the bottom of this post--you will see my giveaway tonight in the video of my lil room. It's a small sheet of Owl Wall decos from Lot26 for one follower..just leave me a comment, telling me ONE thing/person in your life that reminds you that you "have it all".***
(Although I love it when you are a follower--you do not have to be to win)