Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Meet Loralie, master & humble artist!!! Sneak Peek!

Loralie Designs

Hi all my awesome Cricky Readers! I have the most exciting news! I met this uber talented artist named Loralie at CHAW! She is soooo insanely talented and modest! She is an amazing artist, who just calls herself a doodler. HA!

Me and Loralie (she is sooo stylish!) at CHA
I found out Loralie, not only has her own rubber stamp line, but a fabric line, embroidery line, paper line, card line, it just goes on and on. You would NEVER know any of this by talking to Loralie. She is soooo humble and down to earth. That my cricky friends is the type of people I LOVE to support! modest!
Loralie is so amazing that she gave me 4 stamp sets (yes complete sets) to share with you guys! I am going to be kicking off a challenge in the next few days using one of her amazing stamp sets: Threadlocks, and giving away one of the SAME stamp sets! So please stay tuned for that--I'm just going to finish my project and video tutorial and then pop that up!
Go ahead and pop over to Loralie's site by clicking on the super cute banner of hers at the top of my page, and check her stamps out! The challenge will incorporate stamps and material---heeeeh! Trust me when you see what I'm making for the CHALLENGE, you are soooooo going to want some of Loralie's half body girls (okay I've told too much--I have to shush now--so you can all be excited! when I post the challenge--the challenge will run till the end of the month--so you will have plenty of time). Lips shutting up now....