Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meeting Jennafer Martin, Editor of Creating Keepsakes at CHAW 2011! GIVEAWAY 1 YR subscription!

Jennafer Martin, Editor for CK Magazine!
*******Who believes in BIG blessings instead of happy accidents? I certainly do! Let me tell you why, after I finished typing up this post you are reading right now, I checked my facebook page, and Jennafer Martin, editor of Creating Keepsakes sent me a note and featured me on CK Facebook Page. It was amazing, because I had just finished my post featuring her as the next of the brilliant people I met at CHA.*********
Here is the link of Jennafer featuring my blog on Facebook..Just look for my pink take-out box!!/CreatingKeepsakes
Hello all my Cricky Friends and Readers! I just wanted to share another fabulous person I met at CHA....Jennafer Martin, the editor of Creating Keepsakes! When I met Jennafer, it was like meeting a huge celebrity! Why? Meeting the editor of my favorite magazine, was like my hubby who is a HUGE Red Sox fan, meeting Ted Williams!
To aid in understanding what a huge honor this was for me, I just grabbed my camera and took a picture of Jennifer. I was too nervous and excited to even think of asking someone to take a picture of US together! lol! If I ever get to meet her again, I will! Not only that, but the picture I did take of her, I can't find on my digital camera--totally depressing!
In fact, right after I met Jennafer--I ran outside to call my hubby and tell him who I met. He said, "Well baby that's awesome--and it's totally not surprising to hear your biggest celebrity meet at CHA is a writer!" I said, baby, not just a writer, but the EDITOR for the BIGGEST scrapbook magazine in the nation! Needless to say...I was thrilled~
I also was able to meet one of the writers for Creating Keepsake, Joannie McBride. I immediately recognized Joannie, because she has such a beautiful smile in the magazine each month! Plus her articles are full of excitement! You can actually "see" her personality in her articles. Make sure you check out Creating Keepsake's magazine and site if you have not. It's filled with tons of inspiration!

**GIVEAWAY** I will give one of you my followers, a subscription for a FULL year of Creating Keepsakes! Just leave me a comment letting me know what you love best about scrappy magazines, and I'll enter you in the giveaway!**