Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday, Monday....What a Wonderful Beginning to a Great Week!!! Treat for You

Life is Paradise--only the Living can enjoy it!'s a marvelous Monday--if you choose for it to be. Well I'm choosing it to be MAGNIFICENT!!!
My little one Jonas is having his dental surgery today (genetics/soft teeth) and we were just told he will need a double root-canal. That's okay--God knows what my little one needs.
I am also leaving my home today--never to return. Life is moving us to new adventures. I've reduced everything I own by 90%...and it feels wonderful. I am leaving this chapter of my life behind..but a new one awaits....just waiting for me to open it and begin my adventure~!
I wanted to share with you--I receive so many emails every day. I always respond...but I hear a common's troubles.
Life will always be filled with troubles--and yes I have them, and have went thru so much. I think so many of you are surprised when you read my's just a scrape off the surface. I am a survivor and I keep perservering! So many things I have never shared, and maybe never will. I only share things that I think will benefit other's work and soul. Things are always a bump in the road with me...I'm used to it!
However, I just wanted to share my favorite quote with's by Charles Swindoll.
"Life is 10% of what happens to you, and 90% in how you react to it. Attitude is everything". I truly believe this. No one owes you anything and if anyone does anything nice for you--it's a GIFT.
Just make up your mind to be happy--regardless of circumstance. I know it's easy for me to say, right? But really I've been there, and am still there. I have so many trials I have faced, and will continue to face. But I'm ready, and willing.
Life is Good--drink it up! What do I mean by drink it up--relish it--soak it in--choose to receive the good, and ignore the bad. No one can make you feel LESS or bad without your permission. Choose to ignore the negative and emphasize the positive. Somewhere, someone needed to hear this today--Life is Good, You have Worth, You are Loved, You can make a Difference.
**Giveaway--my treat today--I have a sweet set for you--celebrating something I've always loved! Flamingos! I am not sure why, but I'm a BIRD person--I absolutely LOVE owls, and then flamingos run second, along with every other bird behind it! lol! I want to say I THANK YOU for following my blog, for sharing a bit of your day with me. That is a GIFT--and I thank you! So I want to share something that I love with you. I'm going to give One Follower this entire stamp set in a clear binder zip pouch. It's from Kaisercraft and retails for has beautiful images and is high quality clear polymer..Just leave me a comment telling me your favorite quote or live by motto. I really RELISH hearing from you each day--it keeps me connected. So I really read EVERY comment I get, and they warm my soul***