Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's a SWEET Saturday My Friends!!! Pack Your Bags--a Giveaway/ Message for You!

A Great Cartridge for one of YOU my amazing followers & friends!

Ever wonder what the key to happiness is? It's your attitude....that...... and being simple.
When my husband & I found out we were being transferred again, much earlier than promised...with a huge house, life implanted in FL..... we could have flipped out. We thought about it...hey! We're human!
But then we realized this was God's plan...not ours. We also realize attitude is everything...So we did what we knew was best.....
We put on a smile, grinned, sold and gave about 90% of all of our belongings..beautiful European furniture, decor, tools, my billions of books, etc...Slapped a FOR SALE sign on our beautiful 5 br home, newly landscaped yard, that took us 6 mths to haul rocks and newly grassed turf....a house we knew may never sale--it may be foreclosed upon......Did we cry? Actually no...we sighed a BREATH of relief!
We were getting "rid" of all the STUFF in life that clogs up our time, our sanity, and space....We had to leave our oldest son who has Aspergers--with my mother and father to finish up the last 2 mths of school. Oh yes, I cried over that one--and so did he...but we both made a promise that no matter where we were, our loved lived in our hearts--and doing the right thing was best.
We packed up our 42 ft RV, with maybe 5% of what we had owned--just the things we would need. We trekked three weeks across this great country of ours. We talk to our oldest son every night and sent him a package from almost every stop. We have laughed, just rolled our eyes, and realized all we ever needed...we have been right here the ENTIRE time...our love for each other.
LIFE is good--it's actually amazing!  Each time I wake up and realize I have one more day on this earth..... A day with my family, a day to serve others in this world, a day to show someone somewhere kindness, a day to is SWEET. It leaves the taste of sugar (sometimes bittersweet) on our lips ...but every day is a NEW day... a new chance to make a difference, whether it be small, far away, and we may never be thanked for it...we have it. It's up to us, to decide what to do with it.
I know you are thinking, yeah easy for you to aren't broke, you aren't sick, you didn't just lose someone, you just dont' know...Yeah you are I may not be any of those things...but I have been...many times. My life has been bittersweet with MANY struggles...but I am a survivor! I am making it with a smile! So are YOU---you are still here--you still have a chance--you still have time!
Have a SWEET day today--relish it! If things are good right now...RELISH it!
IF they are not, PUSH thru, smile--say that PRAYER--because even in our worst--there is someone that is watching...learning from us. We will never know how many we bless in our everyday actions.
I do not make money off my blog, I buy 90% of all my blog candy, I have no dreams of being the best and most successful blogger, I am just ME. I am not beautiful, with perfect teeth & hair. I'm just a southern girl who wears flip flops and boots.
 I wish I had thick hair instead of thinning hair (I might do the combover one of these days or by my dream hair)--you know one of those beehive wigs like Amy Winehouse wears. My teeth have a gap right in the front...and I've never ever been able to get a tan, and I have Wilma Flinstone feet..a big toe in the front that for years kept me from wearing sandles--how stupid is that? I dont' even wear makeup because I can't ever find anything that doesn't fall off in an I just really don't care!
I have a pouch from 2 c-sections, and hysterectomy...I love those jeans that suck you in, and loose baby doll shirts. Oh yeah baby!
I figured I'm doing good--and even if I have to get up one day, put my false teeth in, my wig on, slide into a girdle, put in my glass eye, and slap on a pound of makeup--life is good. I'm a living--and I'm a celebrating!

God laid this on my heart to share with you--I dont' know who needs to hear it, but someone does.
Celebrate you--God loves you--you are important, and you my friend are special--a benefit to this world.
ENJOY a sweet day!
To celebrate, I want to give away a brand new cricut cartridge called PACK YOUR BAGS!
Why pack your bags? BECAUSE today is the first day of the rest of your life--pack your bags--put away those insecurities, that nagging negative feeling, any depression, gossip/whispers, that feeling of inadequacy--pack those bags away!
All you have to do...leave me a comment...tellling me one thing YOU love about yourself. Seriously...I want to hear it. You are special--you are my friend. Whether we are hundreds of miles apart, I care for you. I pray each day for my blog readers, and pray that God shows you favor. I love to answer your emails, your phone calls, laugh with you, celebrate with you, and listen to you!
So let me start.... TODAY I WILL BE HAPPY because God has given me a heart of service. that is my one thing I love about myself. My heart of service. (Oh yeah, I have to pray to keep it where it needs to be)
Have a SWEET day my special friends--Life is Waiting! Pack Your Bags, and Get Going!!!