Friday, March 18, 2011

Pretty Party Dresses for Your Cricut~a Treat for you!!

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Gypsy's Dress, Expression's Dress, and Imagine's Dress
It's a Super Saturday here in the Cricky Neighborhood, isn't it? The best part of my blogging experience is that I have found other people who love my hobby as much as I do! It's just fantastic!
I went shopping for party dresses this past month--for who? Well my Cricut machines of course! heehee
I bought my Imagine a plus size, my expression regular size, my baby bug petite size, and my gypsy--the poor thing had to shop in the children's section--but none the less, we walked out of the Cricut Cover Store with matching dresses--and in our favorite colors with our favorite motif--an owl!
I purchase these adorable "dresses" from Orlena Zinn. Orlena makes CUSTOM covers for very cheap! Say that three times fast! My Imagine was 30.00, Expression 20.00, Baby Bug 15.00, and Gypsy 10.00 with $5.00 shipping.
Now I must share with you that I am a GOOF--so I ordered all mine seperately paying shipping on each with no discount, because as my mother says, I just have to do everything the hard way..but as my father says, the best experience is bought experience....soooooo LEARN from me, and just order your covers all together..If you do, you get a discount and pay only one shipping fee! LOL
If you would love to see these fabulous custom covers, please hop over to Orlena's blog HERE. You can also email her at
She will find the fabric for you (you just describe what you want--she's a brilliant seamstress).
I even have a video for you of my sweet little crickies on party day!

Sweet Owl Expression Dress--Blog Candy for My Sweet Crickies!
****Special TREAT***** Orlena has made a special Owl cover/dress for one of my follower's cricuts (Expression) and ship it to you! You can see a picture of it above--and look she even put a brown bow on yours!) All you have to do is leave me a comment here and if you would leave Orlena one on her blog (I know she would LOVE that).
I LOVE it when you follow my blog or post my blinkie, but it is not required to participate. However, if you choose to follow my blog, please make sure to leave me a comment with your blog address, or make sure it's on your public blogger profile, so I can hop over and follow you too!