Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rootin Tootin News from Texas

Hi everyone! Im in RURAL Texas, and I have VERY sketchy internet--it took me 2 hrs to even get on to post this super quick post! Also, Jonas is sick, and I'm spending my time nursing him back from this terrible cold he has.

When I can get to a bigger area with faster internet access, I have a fantastic video and giveaway for you! I just am so excited that I can hardly wait!

So thank you to all of you for being so awesome, patient, and amazing friends and readers! I promise when I can get to San Diego, my new home--I'll be back on track! I'm working on packing up blog candy for all winners since March 1'st--so if you've not received it, it's because I'm working hard on it--but we only stop at night for a few hours and then it's rush rush rush with family time and other design work! But I'm not forgetting you!

My poor sweet hubby has misplaced the camera charger--so I can't post pictures right now of any new blog candy till he either finds it or can locate where to purchase a new one. He's such a great guy--that seriously I can't even be concerned about it...he's a HUGE help to me, and totally understanding with my flaws, which I have soooo many! heeheeh So bless his little heart, I'm cutting him some camera slack!

If you have called my cell phone, I am not receiving messages unless we go thru a big area--right now I have no service and haven't for the past few days...so I'm sorry but it's just a crazy time!

I have some exciting things planned for next week once I can get back to "civilization".

I am still traveling--and we are still in TX, but we might make it to the tip of New Mexico tomorrow!

THANK YOU to each of you for your kind emails (I'm reading when I'm lucky to pick up the 3G network on my tablet or wifi--which is hit and miss), thoughts, and most of all prayers!