Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2200 Follower Thank you!!!

I just realized we hit the 100 mark again! We are at 2200 followers (2214 actually)...heehee!
Just to say thanks I want to give away a FABULOUS stamp collection by Loralie Designs!
It's the super popular Lovely Butterflies stamp set. This is a gorgeous set that so many of  you voted
to see back up here!
This always reminds me of a book I read, or thought I read--I might have made it up... It is a children's story.
It had tons of caterpillars that were always stepping on each other to try to get up to the top of a flower....because they thought they had to "step" on one another, drag eachother down, and do whatever they could to get to the "top". However, one caterpillar decided that she didn't want to step on others to get where she was going. She decided to be herself and show all the others love and compassion, even when they didn't deserve it. Guess what she did? She blossomed, and grew into a beautiful butterfly, and flew right past all of them up to the very top of that flower!
It kind of reminds me of people. You don't have to push others out of your way, or step on them to get where you are going. Well you might if you want to remain as you are, and feel rotten. However, by helping others, and showing kindness, you can blossom into someone new--someone wonderful...whose spirit is free and their heart is open filled with love and kindness. You don't have to feel "rotten" by stepping on someone else. I mean really, who wants to be around a nasty person that is always putting others down, stepping on others and doing everything they can to get to the top? What fun is that?
Not I said the butterfly. I would rather share my talents, and my gifts with you. That's why I do so many giveaways. Because I feel CALLED to inspire and bless others. You can't outgive God, and I believe it.
Just a thought from a little bitty blogger and butterfly who doesn't care if I ever get to the top...I'm enjoying my journey.
You can also click on the butterfly picture above to hop over and look at all of Loralie's gorgeous stamp sets! I have a special fun project coming Sunday with one of her amazing stamp sets that you can win!
I challenge you to go over to Loralie's and come back here and tell me which one you think I'm going to feature!
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Have an AMAZING day my sweet bloggie friends!