Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bit of News.....

Hi everyone! I've had a pretty busy past few days--my hubby is sick, and I'm trying to battle it off! Our next door neighbor's dog Arthur has been going thru kidney failure the past few days, so it's been very sad. He passed away today on my neighbor and his owner's birthday. I bought her a chocolate cake, but of course she is soooo sad she can't even celebrate.

 What a rough day it has been for her. Please say a prayer for her.
I made two cards for her today. I woke up and started on her birthday card...then my hubby came in to tell me Arthur had passed away. So I made her a doggie sympathy card. I only had a few minutes to make each card. So they are simple, but heartfelt. I am sorry my pics are not the best, but it's been an overcast day here.

Arthur was a wonderful basset hound--just the sweetest, and I know he is going to be missed so very much.
You know how I know GOD is always looking out for me? He sends me people when I need them. Just the other day, one of my blog readers Carri of Doubleclick Connections sent me a small envie of goodies. She sent me a Jolee's packet of hearts with wings, and a red white and blue bling set. I put my goodies away not realizing I would be needing them so soon. Her embellishments were just the perfect touch for Arthur's cards. Because of Carri's kind heart and obedient spirit, I was able to make the perfect little basset hound angel and it was soothing to my friend. She was crying when I brought it over, but stopped and just took in the card. She smiled, and held it to her chest. I will never ever forget that moment. Thank you Carri for helping me make that card. Your thoughtfulness is amazing! I bet you didn't know why you were sending it, you just did. But you listened to your heart. Thank you dear girl--you touched a life today with your generosity and thoughtfulness!

Another bit of news...I have a new blog sponsor. Nikki Sivils, a new paper manufacturer has sent me some beautiful new papers to share with you! Nikki's papers are very unique and just coordinate beautifully. So be on the lookout for some fun tutorials, projects, and giveaways with paper from Nikki Sivills. I plan on doing a monthly giveaway of her paper kit for the next three months. How awesome and exciting is that??
I am most thankful that Nikki has expressed an interest in sponsoring my blog and look forward to supporting her paper lines.
So if you happen to go over to Nikki Sivils blog, facebook, or page, please make sure to tell her I sent you. I want her to know how much we appreciate her! When I have a blog sponsor, I do not accept any monetary support, only giveaways for you my blog readers. That is why I have my blog--to support the creative soul inside each of us, and to reach out to that soul. That is the only reason I do giveaways--to lift the heart and inspire the soul.
I hope each of you will say a prayer for Arthur tonight and my friend Erika. Her heart is breaking tonight, and I know that each of us know what that feels like...to lose someone we love so much. No amount of words, hugs, or gifts can replace a special loved one. However, we can throw our prayers for peace and comfort for Erika's breaking heart.
It's just a wonderful remembrance for us today with our busy lifes--to hold those that we love dear--whether they be of skin, fur, or feathers...because we are not promised tomorrow with those we love.
I thank you each for your prayers, your love, and most of all your friendship. I have so many of you who comment on a post even when there is not a giveaway. Do you know that is such a big gift to me? It's like you reaching out and giving me a hug. Thank you dear friends.
Please have a wonderful night, and remember to stop for a few minutes tomorrow and really hug or show love to the special people in your life. You will never ever regret your small acts of love and kindness.