Monday, April 25, 2011

Blinkie Bonanza!!! Peachy Keen Boy Face Stamp Giveaway!!!

Peachy Keen Boy Mates Face Stamps
Hi everyone! Okay since I'm out of commission a bit this week, working on my blog hop projects and freelance, my little brain thought....let's do some fun stuff!
I am going to give away a set of Peachy Keen Boy Mates faces! These faces are super duper cute!
Will you do this for me?
Post my blinkie on your blog? The code for my blinkie is on my top left side of my blog. Just add a gadget (hmtl) and then paste, and voila--it should work; make sure to link the pic back to my blog here!
Just post my blinkie, then leave me a comment with a link to your blog, voila! You will be entered!
If you would, please tweet or facebook my giveaway too--because if we get enough entries over here, I'm going to give away another stamp set: A My Pink Stamper set! Woot! Woot! Just have the friend you send over, tell me that you sent them, and voila--a double entry for you~!
Have fun and thank you all for being so awesome!
I appreciate all the love and prayers you have been sending my way--you guys are just the BEST!!!
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