Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit--What Kind are You? Guest Design Week for Peachy Keen Stamps plus Giveaway!

Hello to each of you my  dear sweet peachy friends!
I have the sweetest and simplest project for you today! This little peach has decided to go a swingin'! She is having a grand time, can't you see her big smile? I just love her laughing face! Sure she's taking a chance climbing down so far and into that swing, but hey, you have to go out on a limb--that's where the sweetest fruit is! You have to take a chance in life, and live life to the fullest, for as you know we are not promised tomorrow. Sure you might get hurt, but if you don't take the don't live! Let's live today! Let's laugh and love our hardest, even if it means going out on the edge and forgiving someone, biting our tongue, helping someone when we are super busy, going that extra step to be kind to someone who may not deserve it...because any of us deserve it?
 That's what determines a bitter tasting fruit, and a sweet tasting one--what's on the inside. Outside may be beautiful, but it's what inside that counts--it's what inside when you are under pressure--that's what makes the sweetest sauce...Do you crack under pressure, or do you gracefully stand your ground? What kind of fruit will you be today? Decide today to be the sweet fruit that leaves a pleasurable taste in your family and friend's life. Your spirit is in need of sweetness.
Ever have a friend, that likes to be a rotten apple? You know the one who likes to gossip, or just criticize others? Ever notice if you ONLY talk nice about someone, that you feel good inside? That's becuase you are good down to the core. If you are rotten to the core, your spirit is affected. It's actually damaging to your spirit to be around those who are "rotten"...hang around in a bag of rotten tomatoes, what are you going to get? Think about it the next time, you are around someone and they start to say something negative about someone else--think to yourself. Is this person's spirit in the right place? Are they a good fruit, the kind that will nourish my spirit, and leave a good taste in my mouth? If not, steer clear...remove yourself from that person but pray for that person. Only a miserable person is rotten. A truly happy and joyful spirit doesn't want to tear down others...instead they would rather sing praises and build others up. That is my purpose for this card...a call to be a good fruit...take a chance, and nourish your spirit, but protect it from those out there that would like to "wither" your sweet fruit of a spirit.

Peachy Goes a Swingin' by K Andrew
 Supplies: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper, Doodlebug Designs, Ribbon: Creative Charms, Jo-Ann essentials, Stamps: Peachy Keen Laffty Taffy Faces, My Pink Stamper Fruit & Veggie Puns, Ink: Memento, White Signo, Cartridge: Just Because (Provocraft)

I used the Laughy Taffy faces Pk 660 (assorted sizes) on my project today. Aren't these the cutest and most unique faces ever? I couldn't resist these as I LOVE Laffy Taffy candies--I actually love anything chewy like that: Laffy Taffy, Tootsie Rolls, Caramel, Sugar Babies--sigh....

Download Peach Swings Gypsy file by clicking HERE

Giveaway Today!  How about a sweet as peach pie giveaway??? Okay ya'll know I love spoiling you rotten! I'm giving away a set of Peachy Keen stamps everday, and then Friday, I'm doing a big stamp set giveaway! So if you missed any of my posts, make sure to go back and leave a comment!
Today's giveaway is Pk-451 Wide Eyed Kids, a new release! Aren't these little faces the sweetest?? I'll give one follower this set just for leaving me a comment today here and at the Peachy Keen Blog! I'll announce all PK set winners on Saturday!

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