Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let's Give Out lots of candy today! It's a SWEET day!

Hi everyone! Super Quick post tonight before I head to bed! My laptop is on the fritz--who knows what the fritz is? lol!
Anyways it's dying a very painful slow death, and only lets me work on it for a few minutes before fizzing out! So I have
to make this quick! Typing a blog post on a tablet is painful!
I want to announce some blog candy, and then I'll be on later today (Sunday) for my Simply Sunday Challenge-it will just be later this afternoon, when I can hop on my hubby's computer (he needs to set it up first).

Imaginisce Goodies---#2 cgl1539

Stampendous--#110 Embellished Card Belinda

Big Goody Pack of all kinds of things--#29 Janene

CK subscription from Link Up Party--#71 Kesha
About the link up party--I will be having another one next month, and this time my moderators and I will be checking each link as it is posting, and making sure that each person who links up actually participates by going thru to the other blogs. It is sooo unfair to link up and then not go visit other's blogs, especialy when someone like Kesha is going to all 196 blogs dilligently, and some people are not going to even one. Enuff said. lol!

See you back here soon for the Simply Sunday Challenge! You are GOING TO LOVE IT!!!!

I'm also doing a random blinkie check....I'll be doing a blinkie giveaway soon, and if I pop by and you have my blinkie up--you will win my giveaway! wooohoo!