Friday, April 22, 2011

Pop It Up--Life is Good!! Big Peachy Keen Giveaway!

Happy as Peach...that's what I am today! It's my last day as Peachy Keen Guest Designer, and it has been a wonderful week! I have enjoyed it and look forward to seeing what all the other amazing PK Guest Designers have for us. I have to say that Peachy Keen was awesome to allow so many people to have a turn at being a PK designer! They are truly a wonderful US based family business---it doesn't get any better than that!
My last post today for you is a very quick and easy project that will delight your family as you sit down to movie or story night! Yes we do this for story time as we don't watch much tv!
PS The story behind this box....the two "goofy" smaller kernels are my boys Jasper and Jonas--Jonas is on the bottom left (he wanted to make sure you knew that), and Jasper at the top right. I am Big Mama in the middle. Yes my boys call me Big Mama sometimes, and my grandmother Big Granny. No they have never seen the movie (they are not allowed). They came up with that all their own...lucky me, huh? hahah!
I also have made up 4 of these as my little one Jonas, has three little friends from the campground over to visit him sometimes. There are two little girls and one boy that are brother and sisters. The little girls love being creative, and are just amazed with my craft room. They also love that special attention they get when they come over. In 15 minutes, I have a lot of these to share with them, and I just know the little girls are going to LOVE this girly popcorn with the boy (don't worry the boys will get bow-ties, if any bows--lol)

I used the super cute Happy Lash faces (pk460) & Pumpkin Faces(pk550).
 Popcorn Delight (3D popcorn box)
Supplies: 3d popcorn boxes (Michaels), Stamps: Peachy Keen (Happy Lash, Pumpkin Faces), My Pink Stamper (The Sweetest Cupcakes), Cardstock: Bazzill Basics Paper, Ink: Memento, Copics, Ribbon: Creative Charms

I wanted to note how happy these popcorn pieces look! Isn't that the truth? A popcorn kernel starts out as a corn kernel that goes thru immense heat and pressure to blossom into a lovely yummy popcorn piece!
Life is like that sometimes, isn't it? We go thru alot of heat and pressure in life...we can be like the triumphant popcorn and blossom into something greater or we can be like the duds..the ones that sit there and refuse to "grow" from the life learning experience.
 I bet you have went thru a very hot and pressure intense learning experience at some point in your life. What did you choose to do? Did you choose to be triumphant and blossom?
Regardless, the next time, you are under pressure...remember the lowly popcorn kernel...and remember, that only thru pressure and heat, can it blossom into a fluffy piece of heaven and provide someone enjoyment.
CHOOSE today to be triumphant in any "hard" experience. That experience will help you blossom into a softer, stronger, and more delightful person--who will bring joy to others, but mostly to your maker. It's always so much nicer to find a fluffy yummy piece of popcorn instead of a kernel dud. Don't you agree? Dont' be the kernel that cheats yourself, and get's thrown out of the mix! Be the triumphant popcorn that brings pleasure!
Life is good, and what we make of it. Choose today to meet those times under pressure with open arms--it's a learning experience, and one that no doubt, my sweet friend, will make some part of you blossom into the person you are meant to be. Life is a series of "opportunities" to grow into a better person...the one God menat for you to be.
Have a fabulous Friday my friends, and thank you so much for sharing a bit of your day with me!

Peachy Giveaway--Today I'm giving away this BIG Peachy Keen set: Happy Lashes Assortment! I'm giving away a PK stamp set for every day I was here at PK, so if you missed any of my posts, please make sure you go check them out. I'll draw a winner for all PK stamp sets, and announce all 5 winners on my blog, Saturday! Just make sure to leave me a comment here AND at the Peachy Keen Blog!
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