Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simply Sunday Challenge: Let's Get Campy--Giveaways too!!!

***UPDATE--challenge has been extended till 5/7****
Campin Critters Cartridge: Prize for Challenge!!

Hi everyone! How are you today? Are you having a FABULOUS and SIMPLE Sunday? I so hope you are! Sundays are a wonderful day to rejuvenate our spirits and body from the long hectic week! Ever notice the best things happen on a Sunday? Church, football, sales, festivals, family time....
OOPS! I almost forgot to announce the winner of the Inspired Heart challenge! The winner is #35 KATE!!!
Here is her adorable card--and her post was very touching. You have one week to contact me Kate so I can get with you about your Guest Design spot, blinkie, and your Cricut Inspired Heart Cartridge!!!

I want to start this challenge off by thanking each of you for coming to my blog, reading my posts, emailing me, leaving me a comment, and just being amazing bloggie friends. I appreciate you and value each comment, each blinkie you post, and each email! Thank you!
Who's ready to get campy and win the new Campin' Critters cartridge? I finally bought a duplicate one of these and wanted to share it with you--isn't it just the cutest!!??!
I chose the Let's Get Campy! theme because as many of you know, last month I was on a long road trip in my RV and we camped alot. We left everything behind, packed up our RV with just needed things, and began our move across country. It was truly the best thing that could have ever happened to me in my life. I realized all the "things", the huge house, the gorgeous yard...none of it mattered. I gave away 90% of my things cheerfully, praying with each item that it would bless someone who needed it.
I then climbed aboard a 42 ft fifth wheel with just my family and left everything none behind to move where the NAVY sent us! Being in this RV with my family has been the greatest experience I've ever had. I don't worry about things anymore. When your walk in closet is shared with your hubby--you only choose things you need and will actually wear.
Laundry? It's simple when you only have two small hang up hampers. When the hampers are full, I hop on my bicycle and go do 3 load of laundry at the laundromat. I'm done in 80 minutes tops. I play with my son at the playground across the road in between the wash and dry cycle. Then we bicycle back home just down the lane.
I don't have much to clean. You can't accumulate alot or throw down anything in an RV. You pick up as you take out. Dishes? pfft. Not a big deal when you only have 15. You wash them at night, and put them away the next morning, taking an entire 10 minutes top!
Family time is awesome--we are always together. We have one TV. i don't watch it, but my hubby will have to SHARE it with the boys, and it only goes on when someone NEEDS to watch something. Otherwise we are outside. When it's night-time for the kids, it's night-time for almost everyone. You can't watch TV when the kids bunks are right above it!
So instead we sit around the campfire and tell stories. The stories I WANT my kids to hear. Not what the media wants to tell them. We laugh, roast marshmallows, and spin yarns. It's fabulous.
Bored? never. Bicycle, fish, and playground...that's my life these days.
It's the best decision I've ever made. My life is simple and it's about my family.
This blog is my fun ministry...reaching and communicating with other souls thru creating. Art heals the soul.
I dont' make money off my blog, or feel that I HAVE to blog, force others to do anything, because it's just for fun. Will the world stop if K Andrew doesn't post? NAH...never in a million years.
So yeah, its the little fun part of Kristal's day. The time of the day she gets to share her love of God, Art, creating, and friends.
So the next time you feel stressed out--think about camping. It's amazing, it's refreshing, and the media world will not miss you a bit...if it does, it's waiting for you when you return home.
Make a choice today--to relish the most important people in your life--the ones that are right in front of you, the ones you share your home with. Those are the people you should focus on, and throw your love on. Chose to get "campy" leaving all else behind, and cherish the simple time you can spent with your favorite people!
Who's ready to get CAMPY? REMEMBER it doesn't need to take you a long time to make a card, tag, layout, or other project. Keeping it simple is the key ingredient for my projects lately--and Im loving it!
My little one Jonas LOVES Bigfoot. None of us are sure why! He just absolutely does! So this card is for him, and he has just been such an awesome boy helping me run the cat down when he escapes, picking up his clothes, helping me cook, remembering to keep my tablet charged up, and just generally is my biggest fan (okay who doesn't love a 5 year old who thinks you are the most amazing person in the world???!)

Card Details:
Mini Wood Daisies: Art Chix Studios
Paper: Cosmo Cricket, Bazzill Basics Paper
Campin Critters Cricut Cartridge (Provo Craft)
Red Velvet Brad (Creative Imaginations)
Sentiment (My Pink Stamper: Even More Punnylicious)
Bigfoot's Face: Peachy Keen Animal Faces Set Medium (PK-751)
(isnt that face perfect for bigfoot??? way tooooooo cute!)

Now for my AWESOME and AMAZING Design Team. I just am thrilled with each  one of them, they are fabulous girls that really enrich my bloggie life! Please please hop over and leave them some blog love--because they are just so deserving, and you will be amazed by their talent!

Our Guest Designer this week
(You must go over to her blog and see the inside pages of this book--wowweeeee!)
(Return Guest Designer)
(You must go read her story--you will SPLIT your pants--it's soooo funny! Scrapbooking can really be a pain in the "touche". Just ask Vicki--haha!)

(You must see how she made this card--it pops out--sooooo cool!)

(Wait till you see this 3D sign--it's awesome!!!)

Challenge Details:
*Make any campy type project you desire (animals, woods, fishing, etc--open to your interpretation).
*POST a link to my blog from your blog post stating your project is for the Simply Sunday Challenge over at Getting Cricky
*Make as many NEW creations as you want for this challenge and link up by May 7th at midnight
*Please consider posting my blinkie on your blog and becoming a follower of my blog
*WINNER receives the new Camping Critter Cricut Cartridge sponsored and mailed by me and peter d.

**Giveaway Today**

Now for all the LAZY bones--teehee--I have a little treat for you today too! I used a wooden mini flower in my card today--and man it was just the PERFECT touch for my card! This wooden flower is part of a set from Art Chix Studios. I can't wait to share my Artchix goodies with you next week starting on the 23rd. Just WAIT till you see what I'm going to show you how to make and give away. You will LOVE it! I'm so this mini wood flower is just a *teaser*. If you win these, you will be thrilled when you see what we are going to do with them next week! Wooot!!
ALL You have to do to qualify is LEAVE me a comment telling me your campy experience (it can be as easy as turning off the tv and playing a board game-yeah that counts!)
I can't wait to see ALL of your amazing projects and comments! Have a SIMPLY wonderful week, and try to find a few minutes this week to turn off the outside world--and spend those few minutes with your loved ones--with no disruptions. They will thank you for undivided attention..even 10 minutes will mean the world to them, when all you do in that 10 minutes is pay attention to them. So many of our loved ones are STARVING for our undivided attention. FEED them today--and when you do you will nourish your own spirit. I promise you will! Love to all of you!