Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2400 Follower Giveaway: If Life is a Bowl of Cherries..what am I doing in the Pits?

Hello all my CHERRY sweet followers!!! I know things have been really rough with Blogger lately; but it looks like it's working again! Hoo-ray!
WE have finally hit 2400 (2412) and you know what that means...time for a fantastic giveaway! As so many of you know I LOVE Loralie Stamps, and I actually created my first set Fashionable Friends with her adorable lady characters in mind!
Yes I have my FIRST line of stamps out-eeeek! Can you believe it? I hope God does not strike me down for being so excited about it! However I do give Him all the glory! If you are interested in my new line make sure to click the Products: Stamps tab or here at the top of my blog to check them out!
Okay now when I saw this stamp from Loralie Designs, I just smiled from ear to ear! Loralie even has a poem she made up called Company's Coming! I wish I could remember it all! lol!
This stamp is just adorable and I WISH I looked this cute when I was cleaning! lol!

You Go Girl! by K Andrew
Supplies: Company's Coming Stamp (Loralie Designs), Fashionable Friends stamp set (K Andrew Designs Art Stamps), Bling (Creative Charms), Markers (any), White silk ribbon (Creative Impressions), Blue Basketweave paper (Nikki Sivils), Red Star Paper (Pink Paislee Hometown Summer line), White cardstock (Bazills Basics Paper), Pens: Zig, Marvy Uchida, Ink: Clearsnap

You know alot of times life is dreary and we must drudge thru our un-favorite things like cleaning house, working, cleaning up after pets, and more. However, I remember when I first moved away from home and was teaching full time. I came home and looked at my house and sat down and cried. Then I called my mom and cried some more. I felt like a failure because my life wasn't "picture perfect". How could I possibly work such long hours and come home excited with energy to cook and clean?
My mother, a very wise prayer warrior, told me oh honey those women who you think have perfect lives,  don't have anything you dont' have. It's all in your perception. Your life will never be perfect, and to achieve on thing, you must give up another. It's life. If you want a spotless life, hire a maid (less fun money for you), or stay on everyone everyminute to pick up (what a nag you will be), or you can simply Give God the glory in everything you do. Tidy up a little here and a little there, make it presentable...but don't waste your life away trying to uphold an image that will steal your joy. You can have a spotless house or you can have a tidy house and more time to do the things you want to do. Do the important things, and keep it tidy. When you come home from work, relax for a few minutes doing something you want to do, and then get started tidying up. If you do a little everday, it will not be as overwhelming. Plus honey no where in the bible does it say cleanliness is next to Godliness.
You remember Jesus; he stayed with the poorest of the poor and used dirt and spit to heal the eyes of the blind. He wasn't known for hanging out with the rich or popular; as a matter of fact Jesus was often judged for the company He kept. See when you dont' have anything to prove, and you aren't worried about being perfect, you  have time to do REAL work...like healing, caring, and serving.
You know what? My mama was right. I can choose to sit at the bottom of the bowl of cherries and cry about the pits, or I can sit on the top and just enjoy the sweetness and the view. I don't have to be in control...God's got my back. I don't have to worry about presentation...God's got my back. I don't have to feel unworthy...God's got my back. I don't have to worry about perfection..God's got my back. I don't have to sit around and cry over trivial things..God's got my back. He died on that cross for me and you...what worry do we possibly have that He hasn't been thru...yeah God's got my back.
When I stand at the dishes, or vacuum the floor...you know what? I do it for the Glory of God; my house is tidy and clean. Is it obsessive or a masterpiece? Nah...because this isn't my REAL home. This is a temporary resting place, and God needs me doing His work here now. All that time I could spend obsessing, crying, trying to make my life a perfect view for others to admire...would be wasted. Where would the glory be for God in any of those actions?
So today in any action you perform...you are serving my friend. You are serving, and guess what? No action goes un-noticed by your heavenly father. So yes, cleaning the dishes isn't a joy, but whistle while you work, and know you are serving. Yeah you might be unappreciated, but so was Jesus. He could feed the masses from one little boy's basket, and heal the blind with a touch. Yet he was a simple carpenter who had no real home. He traveled with a bunch of less than desirable fishermen speaking to many who didn't appreciate him, adore him, and the important ones (yeah right) despised him.
So yeah, I'm heading in their to do the dishes, but while I do...I'm going to serve with a song in my heart, and be praising my Lord who I know has GOT MY BACK no matter what this world throws as me. Guess what company is coming...one day my bridegroom is coming, and I have to make my heart and life as clean as possible to be ready for Him.
So get those dishes going, the mop flying, and YOU GO GIRL!!!!
I made a little video for you about adding the details (like flowers to shoes, gloves, dots etc) to your plain stamps. Surprise this stamp is plain (the girl doesn't have toes or flowers on her shoes, she doesn't have on gloves, the kerchief doesn't have dots....those details are left to you to add!)
Via U-Stream (sorry no youtube today--it would upload)

Pick Me Up Treat: Make sure to leave me a comment today; as one of you is going to receive this ADORABLE reminder of how wonderful it is to serve. A precious stamp by Loralie Designs called Company's Coming.
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