Friday, May 13, 2011

Better Together: A Glorious Day awaits for You!

Hi everyone! I'm still here--just been busy as a BEE!!! I am finishing up some freelance work, and a new product I'm working on. I can't wait to share it with you!

I want you to know that God has laid some very heavy things on my heart the past few days. Because of this, I have not been blogging, but have been in prayer for the past 4 days. There is someone out here who feels like just giving up on their blogging and crafting due to not feeling that anyone is interested in them or their blog, their life, or them as a person. I've tried thinking who it could be so I could reach out to them personally, but of course God doesn't work that way.

I know there are many things that will cause a person to just say forget it! This blog isn't worth it! No one will even miss me if I dont' post! You might be right....after a bit, people will go on, and your blog could just fade out...However, remember your blog is NOT for anyone else but you. It is a way for you to express your creativity, your expression, your thoughts, your little piece of creating/journaling heaven. Your fingerprint on the world.

Who cares if you don't have a dozen comments every time you post? Who cares if you aren't popular? Who cares if your blog is not on the top blog list? I tell you who cares, God does. God cares for you. He cares what burdens your heart. People are not important. They may follow those that they feel have something special, giveaways, or those in the popular crowd. God does not. He likes you just for you. He does rush each morning to hear your prayer, he rushes to leave you a comment each day (every notice those birds that sing when you walk by, or those branches that sway), and rushes to see how your day is going. But you know what?

How many times do we forget about him? How many times do we forget to say thank you God, how are you today Lord, I sing your praises today Lord.

Trust me, I know. How? I've been there several times. When I take my eyes off God and put them on man, I get these same doubts. Oh I'm so unpopular Lord. Oh so and so doesn't like me Lord. What is my purpose Lord? Well how do I get to do this Lord. However, when I close my eyes, and wipe all that away. When I wipe all the "worldly grime" out of my eyes, and just think of the one person in this world that will notice if I don't pray, who will notice if I'm not here today, who will matter at the end of is God. The one who is FOR me every day of my life, whether I'm doing anything popular, important, or useful each day. Whether I'm sitting at home out of the world's eye, or whether I'm out and about riding a worldy wave. HE notices, HE cares, HE is always for me.

If GOD is for you, who my friend, can be against you?
you wish for things you want, or for things He wants?

What makes K Andrew think she has all the answers? She doesn't, she just has alot of hard bought experience. K Andrew isn't popular, K Andrew isn't on the top 40 of anything, K Andrew isn't Ms. Special Scrapbooker, heck K Andrew doesn't even have her own line of anything except prayer requests. K Andrew knows she will never be anything that God hasn't designed her to be. Guess what though, I feel called to do something, and God must always be the power behind that move. I know what I've been called to do soon will be a hit with some, and not a hit with others.

Nope, I will never be Ms. Hot Blogger or Ms. Popular Scrapper. I know this. Im so proud for those that are and will be. They are blessed and can make such a difference, and I'm thrilled God is using them to inspire others.
However, Me?
I'm as odd as the day is long. I'm too kind, I care too much about other people; atleast that's what my entire family and friends say. I'm okay with that!  I rarely put myself first in anything, which sometimes cost me opportunities, or so I've been told. I have a heart for God. Oh yeah and I make a ton of mistakes every day--I think I just raise a toast each day and say, okay Lord, what now? What is my lesson for today? Remember, opportunity is often disguised in work clothes. Ask me how I know that? ALOT of experience, and I'm sure lots more lessons for me to learn in the future. I'm like the person who has to learn the hard way I guess! lol!

I do my blog as a ministry. I truly care for my fellow human beings, just as we all do. Do I know who needs a prayer, a blessing, a blog candy, a package, a kind comment? Absolutely NOT....but God does; and each day I pray that HE sends the person to K Andrew's blog that needs to hear His message, that needs to win a goody, who needs that package sent out that day, who needs that kind comment. Sometimes its' the small things that can lift a person, even save a person's life. A small package in the mail, a nice comment, a "hope" says I hear you, I see you, you are are important to me.

I am NOTHING but an eccentric person who is nothing at all but a messenger. I don't think up anything marvelous or grand myself. BUT....I can live with that. I can rest my mind in Him, and know that whatever God has planned for this day--He will help me thru it. His way is always better than K Andrew's....ask me how I know that....bought experience.

So whoever is having doubts, feeling unpopular, feeling less, feeling like their life doesn't matter......go lay down. Close your eyes, and really listen. Ask God to tell you HIS plan for your life, HIS plan for your blog, HIS plan for your day. So go ahead, get off this computer, and go REST in HIM.

He has such wonderful plans for you my friend, that I'm so excited for you. I'm also here for you. Promise one will CANCEL out all the noise--those nagging doubts and thoughts. They have no place in the exciting day God has planned for you. REST in Him.

If you didn't need to hear this today....that's okay...someone did.

God bless you my dear friend--you are someone me, and to the Alpha & Omega.

See you tomorrow--for something fun! WE are meant to be friends. Just remember that. You have one friend in this blog world, and she believes in you, and all that God designed you to be. Go now, and enjoy your rest. For YOU my friend have exciting times ahead of you!

Now a quick giveaway just because you made it thru all of that! lol! To remind you that we are always "Better Together" with our Maker.....the Better Together Cricut Cartridge. This works in the Imagine and the E-2. If you don't have either of these, I can trade it out for another cart I may have. Have a wonderful day my sweet blessed friends.