Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day My Sweet Friends!

Hello all my dear sweet friends and readers--today was a wonderful day--a day to celebrate Mothers all of the world. My post is a little late, but I was enjoying my boys today and just I hope
so many of you did this weekend too. I also enjoyed my present from my boys--a brand new trike! I have
always wanted one of these to ride around the campground. It has a big basket in the back and a medium one up front! Now I can carry the laundry, the boys, packages, and more. It even has a cup holder! It's the little things in life! It is white and blue, and I'm going to be making some red and white owl vinyl decals to decorate it up a bit! I'm also buying a red liner for both baskets...and in the future a canopy! heeehee!
Look at Big Mama on her new trike! heehee

Mother's Day is such a special day to celebrate God's gift to mankind--the mother, the matriarch of the family--the protector. Did you know that God designed the mother to be just who she is? To take care
of her family, to love them, to protect them? It is a very hard job that has very little worldy rewards...and it is one of the most under-rated positions. However to me, it is the most rewarding. I love my children matter what--my love does not waiver. That is how God's love is
for us. He loves us even when we don't deserve it--he loves us without fail. That is how Mothers are so close to God's own heart-we show the unconditional love and protection for our children.
I absolutely love the story of the matronly elephant. Elephants live in an all female group. They love their little ones fiercely and protect them. They truly are matriarchs. If a predator comes near, guess what elephants do? The form a circle around the young ones--so anything will have to come thru that entire circle of mamas to get to the little ones. How amazing is that? I wish I could have found a picture that clearly shows the circle. But in every pic I did find, the babies were always protected by the group.

To those mothers, who are hurting today because you have lost your child--I say to you...
I'm so sorry--I can't imagine the pain losing your precious child has caused you; your mother arms can no longer hold them, protect them, and encourage them. However, they are in God's arms--where they will always be protected. They will never be hurt again, they will never suffer, they will only feel pure love.
I don't know why things happen--and we will never know. I do know God is so amazing that He
gives every individual on this earth free will. Some use that free will for good, some evil. God gives that gift--so that we can choose-we are not forced. With that free will, we can also choose to serve Him.

If you have your children on this earth--hold them tight. Call them if they are away--tell them you love them no matter what they have done. If they are near, tell them that you love them and you are proud of them, for the person they are NOW. Not the person they will be, but the person they are now.

I hope each of you will remember to never let those precious moments go, for we are not promised tomorrow. As a mother, you have responsibility for your family, for your children. Protect your children, at all costs. Protect them...protect their hearts,, and most importantly....their spirit. There are so many evils that would love to crush your children's spirit. Pray every day that God protects them, and that He forms a hedge of protection around them.

Here is my card to you--every mother in the world...a HUGE thanks for all the huge tasks and love you give everyday, whether it is noticed each day by those around you--it is noticed by the most important one--the one who formed you--the master Sculptor--your heavenly Father.
Have a wonderful year this year my sweet mothers--until this time next year when we celebrate YOU. The mother, the matriarch, the protector.