Sunday, May 22, 2011

Simply Sunday: It's not the end of the World! Winner for Sew Fabulous!

Hi everyone. I hope you are having a blessed Sunday. It's almost over isn't it! I just wanted to do a quick posting of the winner for the past Simply Sunday Challenge: Sew Fabulous, and to remind you God is so AMAZING!
Our winner is #41 Charlotte! Look at her beautiful card--isn't that organza bow just a fabulous touch?
Charlotte please contact me for your Guest Designer blinkie, Guest design spot, and please send me your address so I can mail your prize: Loralie Stamp to you!

I'm also happy to report that the Apocalypse has been temporarily postponted! I actually never paid much attention to the news about the world ending yesterday. Why? Because Jesus says he will come like a thief in the night. To me that means no man will know his exact return, and I'm totally okay with that. As a matter of fact, I am totally okay letting God do what He does best, and what I do best is have FAITH and TRUST in Him.
Every day could be our last for we are not promised tomorrow, so maybe this apocalypse mumbo gumbo is a nice reminder to live every day as it is our last, and at minute that God could come bursting out of the clouds. When He comes, I want to be prepared. Prepared how? In my heart. I want my heart to be clean, my soul pure, and ready to ascend with him.
All the little petty not worth it. No amount of gossip, deception, worry, or temptation is worth missing going home with my bridegroom. So yeah, the end of the world might be tomorrow. It could very well be the end of the world for anyone, and for many it is. Many people go to see their Lord (Jesus or Satan) every day. So for many, today is their last day. However, it is up to us to how we live our days, what we cherish and worship, and who we serve.
Live your life for the He who you serve daily; and live like it is your last day. Live fully, whole-heartedly, and with no regrets blessing those you meet. You never know how much YOUR words and actions can help another person. I can't wait to get to heaven, and here Well done my good and faithful servant....and you know what will be amazing? There will be SO many we helped, so many we didn't even know we were touching. So if it is the end of the world, let's make sure our hearts are always on the ready--to meet our maker and meet the others we helped along the way.
Love to each of you!

Next week we will begin the Simply Sunday Challenge FULL swing EVERY SUNDAY with our new Design Team! Don't forget to join us! I'm having a button made up for the Simply Sunday Challenge too.
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Thanks SEW much for tuning in with me, and congratulating Charlotte!
Don't forget to check back in a few days, I will have previews of my new stamp sets!