Friday, May 27, 2011

We're Alright! Our Feet are on Solid Ground, Our Day will Come!! 6 Giveaways!

Good morning all of my amazing crafty friends and readers!!! Today is a magnificent today! I want to share with you a little about me. This is hard, this is raw, but I feel it needs to be shared! I know alot of you see my posts, you see my about me page, and you know I have a big heart just like so many of you. That is what connects us I believe.  So I thought I would share a bit of my life with you today.

Well living here in the RV park full time, I meet many people that otherwise, I'm sure would never cross my path. I prayed God would put us where He could use me, and He has in so many ways. I'm known here in the park as Mama Hen. Just imagine a straggle of children running, bicycling, and playing all along the road in a big trailer park, and me Mama Hen on her tricycle monitoring, making lunches, snacks, and entertaining all little people.
It's amazing, when you are a CHILD person--children can see it as soon as they meet you and flock to you. The very first week, I thought my husband might develop a nervous tick. He had not had so many little ones right at his feet at any given moment. Yes I was the neighborhood "mom" when we lived in our big house, but when you live in an almost 4000 sq ft house with big yard, you can find release from any visitor. Not so in a small 42 ft trailer with a small lot on which the trailer sits~! lol!
My husband rarely compliments me, as he is a very military guy. Very stern in nature, and a smart wise cracking personality. But today he complimented me. After I recovered from the shock, I realized God is using me, not only with these young children, but thru my service, even my husband's heart is changing and being touched. He said, you are different Kristal. You are Southern, you don't mind serving. Alot of women are not like you. He said, I appreciate that about you, and others do to.
Now I"m sure some of you are like, oh my! You think that is a compliment! Yes I do. I think the most important thing I can do in this world is to SERVE others. I believe it's my purpose in life. To serve is very humbling, but also very liberating.
I had a very long talk with a friend who was a bit down with "trailer" life. She is waiting for her day to come. After talking to her, laughing, and sharing, I told her I was going to be praying for God to show her favor. I know that He will. I also believe from our talk, she was uplifted. I shared with her that I thought she was brilliant, smart, and very blessed. She looked at me like I was crazy. I then shared with her how many wonderful things I see in her choices, and how amazing her life really is. That there are SO many people that she sees as successful that would TRADE their lives in a heart beat for hers. She is ingenuitive, smart, and she has her entire life ahead of her. Her heart left last night, awakened; I could see it tingling. Isn't  God amazing?
So I want you to know, that whatever you are facing....God is with you and can Show you FAVOR. No matter what you are going thru in life...there is a REASON you are in this place right now. Focus on WHO God is placing in your path--you just may say or do something to change their life forever. SEE the ways you can serve, even if it means using up all your valuable resources (money and time). It is FOOD for your soul. When you stop and slow down to the speed of life, and see the LIVES in front of you that you can change, touch, and uplift with just kind purposeful actions and words your soul will be spiritually fed, and your own heart healed.
 Imagine a broken heart...full of Life's hateful gashes, tears, and the grime and dirt from past Life hurts and experiences. Now start serving, and if you could look inside your heart, you will see millions of fibers start lighting up. They are coming back to life, being repaired, and after many months of this, your heart my friend will be glowing...for YOU will have awakened your heart.
Ever feel like you are walking around in a stupor? Like what happened to my joy, my thrill of life? Your heart is just sleeping----awaken those fibers--bring them back to life. How? By SERVING.....
Getting lots of things, a new house, a new car, the best phone, every craft supply you can think of....none of it will make you happy until you SERVE others and awaken your heart. Take 5 minutes. Find a mirror and look very deeply at yourself. Go ahead, your brain will tell you--look at are so fat, you are so old, your nose is crooked, if only you go back to the GLORY days. your heart. Say to your BRAIN. Thes are the GLORY days--THESE are the best days of my Life. I will never be younger, smarter, or better than I am right now. I'm taking control now. Say to your heart: MY HEART...I'm sorry I've let you go dormant. NO more my precious heart, ARISE my dear heart, AWAKEN, and LEAD me. You will feel a tingle--that is your heart awakening.
Then say a prayer asking God to show you favor, to awaken your heart, to expand  your boundaries and you will use it ALL to God's glory, and then ask him to open your eyes. Open my eyes Lord to the speed of Life. Open my eyes Lord to see others in my life who need my SERVICE. Help me to SERVE today Lord, and stir my heart.

Take note; today will be very different my precious friend. The old days are over; the new days are here. Your heart is awakening, and Life is going to look a little different when you step outside, look around, and notice others and ways to serve.

Be fore-warned--it will not be easy. There are many who will not appreicate your service, but there are many that will. Make it in YOUR heart to do this for YOU, for your precious heavenly Father.

'If you judge people, you have no time to love ... If we believe, we will love; If we love, we will serve." — Mother Teresa

And now a fantastic song that my dear friend Laurie, The Queen of Bling, shared with me today on Youtube. I almost cried when I heard it, becauseit was just what I was sitting here typing!!! I needed something to go with my message. This song my friends is a great way to begin our NEW LIFE--and you know what? it's going to be alright! Light your heart on fire!!!!


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Have a GREAT weekend my friends; see you back here this weekend for a blog hop, and more fun stuff!