Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Creative & Charming Bookmark Cards plus Game with Giveaways!!

Hello World, Hello Wednesday! Today is a wonderful day to take a plunge into the world--with a big happy splash!
You will never ever be younger than you are right now--so go ahead take the plunge and live life to the splashtastic fullest!
So when something tries to sneak up on you today--stop and say to yourself...Life is Splashtastic, and Im going to take the plunge! I hold the future in my hands--today is my day! Never again will I get today back, so I'm making the best of it!
Now don't forget that today--it's important~
So today is my day for my Creative Charms posting; we have went to twice a month instead of once a month. Today I wanted to show you a very quick project I made using just an ounce of the June Kit of the month. The June kit is filled with flowers, butterflies, bling, and even stackable jars that hold little tiny suprises!

I have been enjoying Jasper of course this week with him being home for the first time in 7 mths! My Jasper! So I created a sweet little bookmark card today.
My entire family LOVES to read. As a matter of fact, we get excited when we see the bookstore! I bought Jasper one of the wireless readers tonight, and boy is he excited!
I love to create bookmarks and cards--so I used my newest stamp set: Splashtastic Summer, shown below, to make BOTH of these cards. My stamp sets are Mix and Match which means you can mix and match the sentiments to add lots more versatility!

Splashtastic Summer stamp set. Portion of proceeds benefits the Autism Research Institute click here to check it out

Be Happy Today Bookmark Card

So I made Jonas who is 5 this sweet little bookmark card with the bear on it. He will really love it--as he loves vintage type cartoons and books!
Next, I created a super cute bookmark card for my niece Ame who is 3. This little girl on the card looks like her...but guess what? To make it fun today, I've removed all the color from the card so we can play a game...maybe too many games and lego building creations in the past few days has me on the game track--I dont' know! lol!

Have a Splashtastic Time
All you have to do is guess the colors! You can head over to the Creative Charms store and figure out the products I used to help you out!
This is what we are going to do!
I'm giving out the Creative Charms Kit of the month to ONE of you who leaves me a comment HERE at my blog post and at the Creative Charms blog HERE!
Then I'm giving out a surprise goody to you IF you also can figure out which colors I used on the Splashtastic bookmark card. You will LOVE this goody--so try hard! lol!
Remember today is your day--get on your way--and make a splash into this big ol' world. There will never be another today--don't let anything sneak up on you, and steal your under-tow or shark in the shadows...YOU have the power to say, I will not accept anything negative. YOU can take the leap of faith--come on in...the water is fine.
Love to you all!