Sunday, June 5, 2011

Simply Sundays "Vintage Appeal"

HI all my AWESOME blog readers and friends! I'm so happy to be here with you this beautiful Sunday! I just want to THANK each of you have been SO super supportive of my new creative adventures in stamp making! I am just so very thankful for your interest, kind comments, and love! Thank you SO much! If you haven't checked them out, you may do so by clicking on my Products tab or my Find Stamps Here girl logo at the top of my page. I am SO excited to see what all of you make with them!
Want to win some? I have a few design team members giving them away to kick off the Pre-Order Party! Every single one of them is giving away atleast one set, and some are giving away more! Did God not bless me with an AMAZING team? I'm over the moon with my new DT--they have HEARTS of GOLD and amazing spirits...not to mention TALENT!!! I am so thankful for them and all of you! God is GOOD all the time!
Hop on over to
Amy's blog at Love to Crop (I believe all 4 sets going on here)
Becky at Squirly Girl Creations (I believe several here too)

Now that my WEEK of proclaiming my new stamp release is over, you will have to remember to click on the Products tab or head over to my new online store at from now on; as I don't want to keep advertising for them.

Winner for the Banner/Pennant challenge last week is......#12
Darlene S. She wins the Guest Design Spot and BOTH paper packs from Flying Unicorn!
Look at her adorable card!

Now I will admit to you, I love old things. I really do. Ever since a very young age, I have loved antiques. I'm sure it is because of my family who loves antiques as well. All of our homes are sprinkled with antiques, family heirlooms, and such just by nature. I actually never realized that it was "different" to have antiques until I had a guest at 16 years old, and she said my house was "so cute filled with all that old stuff". EEEEK at the time I was so taken back that my house was little and old and not cool. However, after getting over being a teenager, I resumed normal patterns of "story" collecting.
I love to collect old photographs (I have ALOT) and making up stories for each of the people in them. At first I was amazed that anyone would give up family members...but then I just decided to adopt them, and create stories for them. I love imagining what their life was like so very long ago.
I'm often a person who thinks she was born in the wrong time period--even as a ayoung child who only watched CLASSIC TV TURNER movies with her parents (was there anything else? I didnt' know it if there was)....I thought people were nice, well mannered, and love really mattered. Oh yeah, reality check when I went all thru school, and then starting dating! lol!
I know many of you will say Kristal! How could you want to live a hundred years ago! Life is so grand, so perfect now..There were not as many medical advances, technology, and so on. I know you are completely correct, but other than the miracle of my oldest son with all his medical procedures, I would love to go back.
I would totally be okay without all the modern advances. I think I would relish them. Back then, your word was your word. You talked TO real people--your neighbors often--you depended on them...even if 50 acres of land seperated you.  It was back to nature--you wanted something sweet? Break all real ingredients and make yourself a pie, and talk to your family while doing it. Yep real conversation with real people was the entertainment back then.
Life was slow--if  you didn't talk to someone in person, you rarely talked to them. Just could enjoy your whole day--there were no interruptions by phone. It all waited till work on Monday--period. You grew your own food or purchased it from local farmers or a market. You knew where that food was coming from and it was all natural. Yes you still had to be very active; there was no tv or computer to sit in front of. You wanted to go into town? Yep hitch up the horses or everyone climb into the automobile (which didn't go very fast) if you were lucky enough to have one.
 So to celebrate going back to our a simpler time, we are going VINTAGE this week!

Baby Ancestry Box with Mini Book by K Andrew

Now on to see the fabulous projects from my amazing GETTING CRICKY DESIGN TEAM!!! Please make sure to click over and leave them each a comment. They would so appreciate it and so would I; plus you will get to know them each a bit more and see more of their fabulous projects!!!

Dream Card
Kathy G. our Special Guest Designer

Scrapbook Layout Plate by Brenda Burfeind

 Fashion Accessories
 Enjoy the Moment Card
 Out of Your League Card
Paris Card

Paperbag Album

Bling Card

Wedding Card

Thankful Card

Okay now we are ready to see YOUR amazing project!!

Challenge Details:
1. Post your vintage appeal project by Saturday June 11th midnight via the inlink tool. You will need to type your blog post up first and include a link to my blog in your post or photo serving description for inlinkz to recognize it. LInk to
*Make sure to copy your exact blog post link
2. Pop up my Blinkie on your blog please and I'd love it if you subscribe/follow my blog, but not required.
3. Winner receives a $20.00 GIFT CERTIFICATE courtesy of Memory Miser
4. Come back on the 12th of June to see who wins!
5. Have fun and spread the word!

PRIZES for the Winner of the Simply Sunday Challenge:
Vintage Appeal

$20.00 Gift Certificate to Memory Miser

Thanks SO much for joining us and I can't wait to see your amazing VINTAGE projects--open to your interpretation!